18 REAL Weight Loss Stories: Failures AND Successes

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I sent out an email to all of my subscribers and I asked them… “What is your weight loss story? What products, diets, methods have you tried? Did it work? Did you have AMAZING success? or did it fail miserably?”

Before I reveal their replies I want to explain why I did this…

I did this so that I could prove to you that YOU are not ALONE.

My goal with this blog is to build a community with people who are passionate about living a healthier lifestyle, so that we can learn from each other and share what is working, and what is not.

To start this community I realized that it’s IMPORTANT to show you that we all relate, what better way to do that than by sharing the weight loss successes and struggles of the people who will be this core of this community, YOU!

So without further adieu, here are YOUR responses…

01. “I lose and pick the weight up and down. I cant maintain, i get these cravings and binge at night a lot. When I exercise I end up eating a lot, so now I don’t eat morning and lunch and i drink warm water and a 1 fruit anytime of the day. I eat a proper meal around 0630-0700pm. And now am used to this lifestyle, I don’t crave food, and am losing weight effortlessly. I walk 30 mins to work and 30 mins back evening. So I will stick to it for next 6 months and c the changes.” – Gloria

02. “I’m Rachael Marakgwale Takalo. I am 19 years old I battled with my weight. My peers made it worse and bitter for me to feel comfortable I was criticized , bullied ‘ called names and all of that I heard about “Herbalife Products” I became a member ‘ it wasn’t easy at first but eventually I lost weight.’ I coached people and still coaching today I’m proud off myself and that I can assist everyone around me in every possible way… All you have to do is do it for yourself” – Rachel

03. “I started Banting 2018 January to around march and the results were amazing i could see changes but the moment i backslided I gained weight and now i’m failing to pick up from where I left. I found Banting not sustainable as it requires high levels of discipline I don’t know what nutritionists have to say” – Anonymous

04. “Well my weight loss story is quiet sad i have tried all kinds of diet and i have failed miserably. Honestly am tired….” – Grace

05. “My story is that I lost 3 kg in 1 week and 5 days. I tried 7 days Banting and it really works wonders for me. I am not 100% following the diet, but 80% not cheating.  I am drinking green Tea and some pills from herbex. I believe that the reason that made me gained weight to be 83Kg is not the starch, because all my life I was consuming it. The reason that led me to gain weight is consuming too much sugar, less water and eating more and eating after 8PM. Now i have changed my life style to better, less sugar, more water and sticking to 7 days Banting, it helps me a lot. even though I’m on Banting I do eat starch but is half of what I used to eat before. – Kelly

06. “Hi my name is Lebo i’m over weight I tried many things they didn’t work for me.” – Lebo

07. “Over the past 5 years Iv picked up a lot of weight. I am currently 150 kilos heavy. Iv done Banting, soup diets, tried teas, pills everything u can think of. I feel disgusted too myself and I hate every part off my body. Suicide seems to be my only option.. I don’t know were to turn for help, I don’t eat, but I keep gaining.. I hate this. – Anonymous

08. “My name is Nhlanhla. I’ve tried so many weight loss stuff but nothing worked for me. I used to be a size 8/10 and gained to a size 12/14 depending on the cut of the garment. I really don’t feel comfortable with my body anymore. I feel awful and it really frustrates me. I really need help, I tried herbex, green tea and pills but nothing is helping.” – Nhlanhla

09. “My weight loss story is just beginning. I’ve been procrastinating. But I realized my jeans have gotten tighter. My bra size has gone up as well. I’ll starting my weight loss journey in the second week of February. I’m excited. Thank you for the encouragement and lovely emails. You’re a blessing.” – Faith

10. “I have tried exercising which obviously never gets any results because of the lack of motivation and the inexperience.  I tried Banting last year, the entire year and it felt great. I started seeing results and feeling awesome, then I hid a plateau that I just couldn’t get out of. This led me to thinking I should quit just for a few days so I can start fresh and maybe that will get me out of my slup. Little did I know going back would be the hardest thing in the world. I’m still waiting to go back in even today, ice-cream and pringles have my hands tied.  (BIG SIGH) – Phehello

11. “Good Evening Sarah. My name is Sharika and I am 55 years old. I have been battling with my weight loss real hard and it’s now becoming depressing. My husband calls me a cow and fat. I thought these words Will never affect me but it’s really starting to now. I have tried so hard to lose the weight. I am 5.53 and 71kgs. I would really like to go down to 60. Losing weight is something I want to do for myself and for my health, please assist. – Sharika

12. “Hi I ve tried so many things for weight loss but nothing has worked so far,  and am almost giving up. Please 🙏 help.” – Laureta

13. “I have tried diet pills but have seen no difference. Instead im picking up more weight .Im at my heaviest which is 90kg” – Yullene

14. “I tried venting it works for me but because of financial problems I it starch again now it’s difficult to lose waight again” – Nompumelelo

15. “I using Duromine i started if from early Dec my weight was 107 im 38yrs old” –Futhi

16. “My weight story is different. I tried the Banting method but it didn’t work. I need help” – Marvis

17. “I have always tried to lose weight since I was young , taking diet pills going to the.gym getting involved 10km walks so basically I have always been active, but in all this my biggest downfall is food. I love good food, I would try to go on healthy diets but in a week or two I’m back to square one indulging in sugary stuff., Fatty foods etc. I then had a baby and my weight just double hence I have taken this step. I would like to increase weight loss and I now wear size 46/48 and would really like to go size 38 and hopefully get it down to 36/34. So in my opinion I have miserably. I’m still breastfeeding and hopefully I can be able to continue with this diet without stopping the breastfeeding.” – Anonymous

18. “I have been using pills ; shakes u name it but non of them worked; I started Banting 3 days ago and m telling you. Within this short period of time I noticed a huge difference as far as my weight is concerned. I have one challenge though, craving for food and cold drink. Anyway it’s a start isn’t it?  I’m getting there, I lost 2kgs in less than 4 days. Thanks to you Sarah and Banting team” – Tintswalo

Feel like you relate to these stories?

If you would like to get involved in our community or if you have any weight loss questions please get started by joining in on our forum here. It’s a new forum so we need your help to get it going.

All the best


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  1. Cecile says:

    The biggest mistake is NOT TO EAT!!! 2nd Issue is to eat the right combo – I have been on CSN for 1 month and lost 7kg – without doing any exercise – would have been more if I did but am stuck behind computer trying to finish a website! The eating plan is easy to follow – gives you the right combo of food to eat – you must eat so your metabolism can work – drink your water. Tried 1=28 days & banting – not lasting results – got threw Xmas and NY without cheating – had not had a choccie since my b’day in Oct! Whow from living on them to not even thinking of them anymore! If you have the money (R2500 – which I could not effort but need to loss weight for the new job!) you can join CSN and take the pills with the food plan – if you cant buy you can still follow the eating plan – there is also a FB page – check their website… LOSING SLOWLY – THE HEALTHY EATING!!!! WAY is the only way… and your family can almost eat with you – you dont have to be left out – just eat the food as on the eating plan. THROW AWAY SHAKES PILLS CRAP! With CSN you get dried veggie supplements/and 2 other sups – NO Suppressants – just EAT your meals every time – BUT get the right list of food combos – never go hungry!!! And loss weight …

  2. Reeloner says:

    Hello Sarah my weight is still the same but my problem is high blood pressure and and my doctor want to admit me next week because of my sickness I need something that is going to help me reduce my presure my weight is 130 my age is 46 this year please help.

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