The Truth About the Secret Fat Burner

The secret Fat burner was probably one of the most successful Weight loss products in South Africa. People who used it reportedly lost between 2 to 4 kgs in a single week, the secret fat burner success stories where unbelievable.


…what the Secret users did not know is that the secret fat burner contained illegal and dangerous ingredients that caused severe side effects.

These illegal ingredients although highly effective, were also toxic to the user. The product was advertised as an all-natural product. This made it extremely dangerous because parents were even giving this product to their 12-year-old children.

You’re probably wondering what these ingredients were, and just exactly how bad they are?

The secret fat burner was tested by SEMDSA, and the product was found to contain Sibutramine and LT3. Both ingredients are currently banned by the medical control Council in South Africa. People who used the Secret Fat Burner reportedly developed overactive thyroids, a typical side effect caused by using LT3 for a prolonged period of time.

Side-Effects from overactive Thyroids include anxiety, hypertension, cardiac complications and cardiac failure.

Patients who have used the Secret Fat Burner can quickly reverse the side-effects by stopping the product immediately. Your thyroid levels should be restored within a few weeks.

The “original” Secret Fat Burner Head Office response?

The Head Office responded that it was the fake version of the product that contains these illegal ingredients. Straight away they decided to play the blame game as they usually would when customers complained the product didn’t work for them.

Upon further investigation, it was found that the fake knock off, in fact, DID NOT contain LT3 but only Sibutramine. This might be the reason why the “fake” did not work as well as the original. If the bogus secret fat burner contained LT3, it would’ve worked a lot better than the original, however hundreds of reports from buyers prove otherwise.

If it sounds like a mess, it’s because it is. This mess pushed the MCC to band all sales of The Secret Fat Burner indefinitely.

How can this be proven?

I had access to the Original secret fat burner agents group. When the secret fat burner owners made a reply to the agents about the recent MCC studies, it came to our attention that only customers that bought from the original Secret Fat Burner head office suffered severe side effects from overactive thyroids. Even The Secret Head Office Agents that used the product for themselves reported that they too had overactive thyroids.

How did the “fake”secret match up? It became apparent that people who bought from the so-called fake manufacture did not experience any thyroid issues at all. Plus, they reported the product didn’t work that well for them.

This Makes it pretty clear why the Original worked so well.

What I’m about to say next is purely speculation so, please take it that way.

My feeling about the whole situation is this. There have always been two manufacturers for the secret fat burner fighting for the market. The original secret fat burner feeling threatened, decided to add LT3 to their product to gain an competitive edge.

This statement is purely my speculation trying to make sense of the whole ordeal. Sibutramine on its own is already an extremely effective weight loss ingredient. It blows my mind why a company would want to add LT3 on top of that.

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