Should You Wear A Waist Trainer While Sleeping?

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Of course you can! Of course I can! Any and every person can wear a waist trainer while sleeping! I am sure every article on the web uses the word “can”, but the true question is “should you wear a waist trainer while sleeping?” As I sit here staring at my wedding dress, I wonder if sleeping in my waist trainer is worth it, worth the one day every girl dreams of. I have been working my butt off to look amazing in it and out of it. If you know what I mean.

Not only am I a bride-to-be, I am also a  young female, which I also happen to be Hispanic, which means I have a crazy, short-angry mother who tells me “mija, you need to fix your cintura!”, know that waist trainers are NOT fun during the day.  Nevertheless, at night.

So, should you be sleeping with your waist trainer? No, you should never wear a waist trainer while sleeping. Sleeping with your waist trainer could cause asphyxiation, sleep deprivation which causes weight gain.

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep in a Waist Trainer?

If you are looking into using a waist trainer while sleeping, it means you are using one already or plan on using one. It says you care about how you look and feel; overall you have your reasons of wanting to lose a little weight around your mid-section. (Darn all those mimosas and vodka filled gummies!) But have you thought about everything else that comes with beauty and being healthy? Yes, you know I am about to say it! Sleep! It is one of the most important energy sources we have in order to replenish our mind and body for the following day and what is to come with it.

Depriving sleep causes all of our female nightmares: stressed hormone cortisol meaning:

  • (the worst of them all) Weight gain
  • Accelerated aging
  • Dark circles or under eye bags
  • Worsening any existing conditions or arise skin issues
  • Increased inflammation
  • Decrease in blood flow
  • Hair loss, breakage and damage

Also, did you know the less sleep you have the more you are prone to drool which means the corner of your mouth will droop and make you look a lot less sadder in the morning? Every drop of sleep counts toward your beauty and overall health but also the quality and how you care for your sleep.

Now that we know how important beauty sleep is, let’s put waist trainers into the picture. Waist trainers are extremely difficult to wear during the day; most women can’t spend more than an average of 4 to 5 hours daily with one on. But take into effect what you are doing during the day. You’re probably at work and you’re so focused on getting any task or assignments done you forget you’re wearing it. You’re moving around, scrambling, cooking, cleaning, and maybe working out. Your brain is sending signals to your muscles and nerve cells dodging the pain of an unbearable corset.

What about when your brain gets fed up with working so hard all day and finally settles down? Your body appreciates it too that you’ve finally sat down on your favorite arm rest chair right by the enormous ceiling to floor window where you see the garden or the sunset from afar, with your favorite glass of wine and you feel such a great amount of pressure on your stomach, and ribs and even thighs! Yes, your brain just sent signals to those portions of your body.

Your brain is feeling a negative presence of how difficult it is to breath in this weird device and how hard it really is to digest down your burning wine. Wine never tasted that way before. And that has only been five to ten minutes. Imagine while you’re sleeping. When your brain waves have slowed down.

Now, on average a human should sleep 7 to 8 hours a night to get a proper, healthy and recoverable good night’s sleep. Sleeping is crucial for our total and long-term health. Not sleeping well can cause insomnia. Waist trainers are very constricting which will cause a lot of uncomforted and long, sleepless nights.

Your brain will be WIDE awake and it will be incredibly hard to ignore the amount of pressure your back and stomach are feeling.  There are many scientific studies which lean to the negative side of waist training when it comes to health and safety. Here are the many I found in my own journey for a tiny waist:

  • Acid reflux: When stomach acid rigorously re-enters the esophagus into the throat, causing burning, heartburn, irritation, coughing and the most disturbing part is the acid can weigh down on your teeth breaking off the enamel. So much for a pretty waist when you have no teeth, let’s keep the pirate look for Halloween. Wearing a waist trainer while sleeping put pressure on your stomach and eventually causing your lasagna lunch to come up.
  • Bloating: It happens to all of us while we sleep. Sure, you can avoid certain foods which will allow you to avoid bloating but generally it’s unavoidable every night, since our bodies are regenerating water molecules in our cells in order to restore many things in our bodies. Also, our digestive works a lot during the night and contributes to most of our bloating. While wearing a trainer bloating will cause it to stretch during the night. Your tummy will try to rip off any wrapped up pressure, which is going to cause INTENSE pain. Only to also destroy a very expensive garment.
  • Meralgia paresthetica: When the nerve which is in charge of sending sensation to the surface of your skin on your thigh is being compressed. Tingling, numbing and burning pain is what most people feel between their groin, thighs and hips. This can occur when a waist trainer is worn too frequently, too tight and for long periods of time, damaging the nerve in the groin. Pretty hectic when you wake up in the morning and think you are forever paralyzed.
  • Shortness of breath: You’re compressing your lungs while wearing the trainer. Your brain will be so focused on why your lungs are not expanding as much as they usually do. Therefore, signaling your diaphragm to work twice as hard as it usually would; meaning your lungs will start expanding and contracting a lot faster. Your breath can become very shallow, allowing for unconsciousness to take.
  • Syncope: A brief loss of unconsciousness due to loss of blood flow into the brain. Wearing a waist trainer while sleeping is so dangerous for this main reason. Your brain not receiving the sufficient oxygen from blood flow can cause to prolong the syncope and can trigger a seizure. Did you know back in Victorian-Era chaise chairs were known as fainting couches? Women would wear their corsets way too tight and would have many fainting spells a day and therefore need somewhere to land. They would have various fainting couches around their home.
  • Asphyxiation: Yes, it means being short of breath but at an extreme. It is the state of depriving from oxygen which can lead to death. There has been a report of a 26 year old who died 9 hours into sleeping with a waist trainer.

Apart from all those I mentioned, I also found that overheating can happen which can lead to dehydration from your body over sweating itself. You will also lose core muscles very quickly. So bye, bye, bye to your abs! You can cripple your digestive system because of pressure it will hinder the digestion process causing blockage. So you’ll pretty much cause yourself constipation which in turn causes MORE bloating. Not a fun cycle!

Many studies have shown that waist trainers are also harmful to our organs. They can cause damage to our ribs, moving your livers, intestines and lungs. Literally, crushing everything inside. (I know sounds gory but you came here for the truth my friend.) A scientist in one of the researches I read made such an awesome comparison: “If I were to take a rubber band and wrap it around my finger tightly and leave it there for an hour, I’m going to have this indentation in my soft tissue, but it’s not going to be permanent.

An hour later, my finger is going to look normal again. It just crams all of your organs together. So over a long period of time, wearing it too much and too frequently, it can cause damage too”.

Beauty is pain but extremely sleeping sports is not. Take precautions in order to keep your health and life in priority.

If You Do Decide to Sleep in a Waist Trainer

The type of mattress you have can affect how you will sleep in a waist trainer. You will be very rigid and straight in a corset, so if your mattress is not very cushion like, and look into investing on a mattress pad. A sagging mattress can put unneeded pressure on your back and hips.  The waist trainer can also leave imprints on your skin.

If you sleep on your back, having a few pillows or cushions on your legs can help avoiding that unsettling feeling of being able to lie straight or comfortably.

If you sleep on your side, it will be very difficult to sleep as the cincher is keeping your back from curving or moving. Most of the pressure will be on your hips trying to find the proper balance. Again try using a pillow, cushion or rolled up towel between your waist and the mattress. Also another one under your neck as this weird position dislocates your spinal cord a bit and can cause some dizziness and nausea even while lying down.

If you sleep on your stomach, your neck and breast will feel the most uncomforting as you’ll be angled extremely weir with the corset on. The lacing or fastenings of the waist trainer will also bulge into your tummy skin. Instead of using more pillows, avoid them and don’t even have one under your head or neck, as this will let your body be in a full flat position. Allowing a maintained level and no pressure anywhere in the body.

Listen to your body. If you start to feel uncomfortable, take it off. If you get up in the morning feeling aching, bruised and out of breath, skip a few nights of wearing it while sleeping. Try to use your oldest and most worn waist trainers as the skin of the trainer will be softer and bit more bearable to sleep in. Also, loosen up the knots a lot more then what usually tighten it during the day.


Your comfort is of predominance! Taking precautions in everything you do towards your health and beauty is a first step towards a long living life but also a priority at all times. So should you wear a waist trainer while sleeping? No, your sleep is definitely more important and although sleeping beauty did wake up after one, true love’s kiss. We other princesses might not be so lucky!

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