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Dieting does not have to be grueling. You also don’t have to starve yourself. I never did. It’s changing the way you eat which you can encompass all through life.

In 1993 my husband and I went to the Chiropractor. He threw out his back and he was at least 90kg’s overweight. I had gained a few pounds as well and was at least 12 kg’s overweight. Doesn’t sound like a lot but for me it was. He told us about a low carbohydrate diet he himself had used to lose 40kg’s and he now looks amazing. Although he has lost all the weight, he now is an avid gymer who is still on a low carb diet but also uses bodybuilding supplements as his goal is now to build muscle. A low carb diet seems to be amazing, people use it to lose weight, to build muscle, or just for general health. I was tired of my pants size going up and having to buy bigger clothes, which in fact has never been a problem for me until this point. I have to tell you, I had enough and decided I was going to lose weight. The concept was simple:

The Food

Low carbs for breakfast and lunch which meant each serving of food I ate must be 4 carbs or less. This equated to my eggs, bacon, and juice each had to equal 4 carbs or less. Lunch was the same. Dinner I could eat WHATEVER I wanted as long as I finished it within an hour. This means you can cook and eat a dinner for the family as usual. Then you’re done for the night until the next day. Day 2 you start all over again. If you fall off the wagon get right back on.

I went out and bought a book of food counts. When I went to the grocery store I always looked at the box to check the carbohydrates in the product. Bottom line, I went from 64 to 50 in 3 months. My husband lost 20kg’s and decided to give up. Key success is:

Make a list of all the foods that are 4 grams of carbs and less. This will make it easy when you go to eat, what you can eat right off the bat without getting tempted with what else is in the fridge.

Weight yourself every day. There will be a lull at times where the scale won’t move but this does not last long if you stick to the diet. You will see the scale go down and it’s very exciting.

Bring your lunch to work. If you pre-plan what you’re eating for the day you are less likely to go out and grab fast food. If I had to for example I ordered a burger no bun or a salad instead of pasta which did I mention I love.

Keep those old clothes that don’t fit any more and try them on every couple of weeks so you have a goal and see yourself you are losing the weight.

Stick to your diet no matter who tries to tempt you out of it, and believe me they will. Reach for a realistic goal and when you reach that goal, you can go further. You’ve gone this far and you can go further. Remember, most people eat out of boredom. If you get bored keep yourself busy. Get a hobby or go for a walk. Do something that will keep the temptation of eating the junk food out the door.


Ok let’s face it. Your thinking this is a dirty word. You’re not going to lose weight; I don’t care what anyone says unless you get some exercise, and I had never exercised. Exercise in some way, shape, or form , is key to weight loss and quite frankly I don’t want to be putting some pill in my mouth which I have no idea what’s in it, that tells me I can lose weight without exercise in 2 weeks. Not going to happen and you’re more likely to fall off the wagon.

I went out and bought a slant board. I started out on the lowest slant and started with 5- 10 sit ups a day. The slant board was put right in front of my bed so I had to trip over it in the morning. It was the first thing I did, no questions asked. I was able to work myself to 80 sit ups each morning on the highest slant over time. This will take time as the abs will be sore and you need to rest a couple of days until you feel better and can do more sit ups each day.

My sister at the same time was on a high protein, low fat diet and she was basically starving herself. When she saw the diet I was on and ate whatever I wanted for dinner she laughed at me and said “you’ll never lose weight on that diet”. When she saw my weight drop, she dropped her diet and went on mine. I did get the temptations of “come on have a donut” and it was always the ones who were overweight who threw those temptations at me. I politely said “I will take it and eat it for dinner”. I was even told after I lost the weight and went to the doctor for a checkup, that I needed a Bone Density Scan because I was too thin for my age. What a joke. The nurse must have been 20kg’s overweight.

I can honestly say I did not starve myself or deprive myself of healthy foods which would be considered a no no on this diet like fruits and bread. I just switched the time of day I ate them and ate them at the same time each day which for me was the Dinner hour with my family. Dinner meant breads, pasta, milk, fruits, and even Ice Cream occasionally for desert if I felt like it. I just finished it within an hour and yes I did have my fill without eating 2 plates of food which I didn’t need any more. You have an hour and you finish earlier than this do you need to eat more? No if your full just stop. You are done.

This diet changed the way I ate. I was not as hungry as I was before. When I reached my goal I was able to taper and off slightly and still keep the same weight instead of still losing. If I saw I had gained a few I just adjusted my eating and that did the trick. I am sure if you take the time, implement daily exercise and stick to your plan you can lose weight too. Just make up your mind you’re ready to do it, and do it.

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