Does Collagen Make You Poop More? ANSWERED!

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Collagen Powder

With the recent collagen craze more and more people have started using it in powder form to lose weight, reduce joint pain, improve skin and overall health benefits.

Before starting to take this “super protein,” naturally you’re going to want to know…

Does collagen make you poop? Yes, collagen does make you poop more! The protein collagen has 3 essential amino acids that decreases constipation, helps with leaky gut syndrome and it even reduces diarrhea.

The 3 amino acids inside collagen are Glycine, Glutamine and Proline. They all work together to strengthen your gut lining. This stops bacteria and food particles from leaking through your gut lining (leaky gut syndrome) which usually causes inflammation and other health related issues.

Can Collagen Give you Diarrhea?

In short, NO. The protein in collagen only helps to improve gut-health. There have been a few cases where a collagen product has caused Diarrhea in it’s users, however in most cases it was additives that caused diarrhea rather than the collagen itself.

Why is Gut Health So Important?

Hippocrates once said, “all disease begin in the gut.” His statement could not have been any more true. Today, more and more studies are revealing just how important gut health actually is.

Gut health is being linked to some of the most sever ailments we are suffering with today. Such as depression, weight gain, anxiety, acne, mental health issues and much much more.

Your gut even helps make you decisions. Remember the last time you felt that “pit in your stomach” feeling? Have you felt butterflies recently? Studies have shown that your gut actually acts as your second brain.

So as you can see it’s extremely important that we keep a healthy gut.

Is my Gut Healthy?

There are a number of tests you can go for at your local clinic such as; stool tests, breath tests, histamine intolerance labs and food reactivity tests.

However, if you can’t be bothered with getting tests done, here are some signs that could mean your gut is un-healthy.

  • If you frequently have diarrhea – most of the time food intolerance’s causes this. It’s brought on by poor quality of gut bacteria. Poor diet causes this.
  • If you struggle with constipation – You’re officially constipated if you’re pooping less than 3 times or if you “feel blocked” during 20% of poops. Constipation is usually caused by an imbalance of gut bacteria that’s been brought on by a poor diet. Diets high in fat, sugar and low in fiber can usually be to blame.
  • Anxiety and depression – Bad gut health can lead to chronic inflammation. This leads to anxiety and depression according to this article. Again, the root cause is a bad diet high in processed foods.
  • Sensitive to foods – Please do not mistake this for food intolerance. Food sensitivity is a lot more sever as it effects the immune system, wheres food intolerance does not. Again poor gut bacteria caused by a bad diet is to be blamed.
  • Extreme fatigue – This could be caused by a substance called cytokines that is an anti-inflammatory produced by your immune system to combat inflammation caused by an un-healthy gut.
  • Intense sugar cravings – A diet that is high in fat, sugar and low in fiber fuels the wrong type of bacteria in your gut. This can lead to an over population of those little “sugar-loving” gut bugs.
  • Skin conditions – Bad gut health may lead to Hypochlorhydria. (A condition where your body produces less stomach acid. This condition has been linked to people who suffer with bad skin.
  • Intense headaches – Another condition linked to bad health in the gut.
  • Muscle and Joint Pain – Increase in inflammation caused by poor health in the gut can cause joint and muscle issues.

If you have any of the above conditions frequently I highly suggest that you get your gut health checked in a local clinic. It could mean that you have some major gut issues.

If it’s not bad enough to go see a Dr, you could try changing your diet so that your body produces more Collagen naturally.

Here’s how…

Best Collagen Producing Foods to Improve Gut Health?

As mentioned before Collagen is great at improving your over-all gut health. So the trick here is to eat foods that increases your body’s natural collagen production. For you body to effectively product this natural protein, there are a few things that need to happen.

Foods such as beef, eggs, beans and chicken. Your body uses amino acids found in foods that are high in protein, so eating a diet rich in meat can only help. Bone broth is an amazing meal that can provide the best source of these amino acids.

Bone broth meal packed with collagen producing amino acids.

But there’s a catch.

Your body’s collagen creation process also needs copper, vitamin c and zinc to produce collagen effectively. Make sure you eat foods that are high in these 3 key vitamins.

There are literally hundreds of foods you can eat that will help you get these vital vitamins, however some people’s digestive system might not be as effective at absorbing nutrients.

To help, focus on eating foods that have the highest concentration of these vitamins:

  • Best way to get copper in your body? Eat organ foods such as liver. Other foods that have large amounts of copper are; nuts and seeds, oysters, dark chocolate and leafy greens.
  • Best way to get vitamin c in your body? Eat Kiwi fruits if you prefer fruit, or red and green hot chilli peppers if you’re more of a vegetable person. Other foods that are high in vitamin c are; Guavas, dark green leafy vegetables, oranges and strawberries.
  • Best way to get zinc in your body? EAT MEAT. Meat is an excellent source of zinc. If you’re vegetarian you might want to try seeds, nuts and whole-grains.

Follow the above advise and your gut health should begin to improve naturally. If you have any questions please make sure you leave them in the comments section below, we would LOVE to help you answer them.

Related Questions:

Does bone broth make you poop? If you are constipated then yes, bone broth has go essential amino acids that helps your body produce more collagen, this increases your gut health and gets rid of constipation.

Does bone broth have collagen? No, bone broth does not have collagen, however it has essential amino acids that helps your body produce collagen faster.

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