You’re about to hear a Secret that has never been told…quite literally! The name behind this Amazing weight loss product hides a double meaning, and you’re about to find out just what I mean.

With so many myths and lies flying around about The Secret Fat Burner, it is no wonder you might be scratching your head and thinking “who the hell is telling the truth.

In this article we will cover;

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The True Transparent Secret Fat Burner Story

Let us begin with exactly how The Secret Fat Burner started because there are tons of “rumors” around who owns and manufacturers this amazing diet pill. It all started with two business partners (both wish to remain anonymous, and I will respect their wishes). They both started The Secret Fat Burner together. Long story short, after a dispute they decided to path ways. However, because of The Secret being so successful, both weren’t willing to give up The Secret Brand. Do you blame them?!

This dispute led to two Original Secret Fat Burner Manufacturers… In this article I will be referring to them as Manufacturer 01 and 02 for the sake of simplicity.

The Secret Manufacturer 01

This supplier manages the majority of “The Secret Fat Burner FB Pages” and supplies “The Secret agents.” Manufacturer 01 is located in China, which may lead you to question the real legitimacy and cleanliness of the product. Not only that, after digging deep I found this company has been making some interesting false claims.

Here are some of their claims:

Claim 01; Since the product has been released this manufacturer changed the bottling of the product. They claimed, “Every other Secret Fat Burner that does not have our new bottle is fake”… A tactic to keep customers coming their way I would imagine.

Claim 02; They would also claim that the only place you can get the Secret Fat Burner from is through one of their “Secret agents.”  Again after doing some digging, this is not true. I did a patent search at CIPC (search it too), the name “The Secret Fat Burner” is not registered AND get this.. has not been filed to be registered. In other words, there is no existing or pending ORIGINAL legal entity called “The Secret Fat Burner.” But hey, name a FB page “The Secret Fat Burner Head Office,” knock up a gmail email address and anyone will believe it right? Sadly yes.

Claim 03; “If the price of the product is not R590 it’s fake…” How can this be true or even fair when they are not the only manufacturer of the product in South Africa. Another tactic to eliminate free trade and to control a market THAT THEY SHARE with another manufacturer.

Their end tactic seems to be to eliminate ALL competition in a market they don’t legally own so that they can control pricing…Say goodbye to any discounts during the next holiday.

Do they sell fakes? No

Do I think their marketing strategy is unethical? HELL YEAS!

Which leads me to…

The Secret Manufacturer 02 A.K.A The UNDERDOG

Why do I take my hat off to this manufacturer you may ask? Even after all the B.S that has been spread about “them selling fakes” they remained composed and stuck to their ethics. Not once did they “Publicly ATTACK” the opposing manufacturer and lie to their own customers, just for profits… Money can make people do silly things, but at the end of the day, I believe in making money the honest and transparent way. Shouldn’t we all?!

Here are some TRANSPARENT facts about Manufacturer 02:

Truth 01; The Secret Fat Burner Manufacturer 02 manufactures their product locally in Cape Town.

Truth 02; They also sell The Original Secret Fat Burner…

Truth 03; Manufacturer 02 has a base fee of R590… however, they may offer discounts from time to time or may charge a bit more for shipping fees.

Truth 04; They have an online presence through MelanotanZA which has an aggressive marketing strategy in place (without attacking Manufacturer 01).

Truth 05; They supply The Secret Fat Burner in the “old bottle.”

Truth 06; Do they sell fakes? NO!

Truth 07; Are they ethical? YES!

My reason for telling you all this? For you, the main benefit is this… Now that the TRUTH is out, we should see both manufactures start COMPETING with:

  1. Prices, instead of lies. (Expect lower prices from both sides)
  2. Customer service. (Expect your parcels sooner)

The way a healthy market should be!

Now that we have that cleared up, let us focus on The Secret Fat Burner…

The Secret Fat Burner Benefits:

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With The Secret Fat Burner the 3 main Benefits include;

  1. Losing weight without the need of going to the gym or being on a diet. (Perfect for busy moms!)
  2. Lose 2 to 4kgs in the very first week while being on this weight loss pill.
  3. Kills food cravings, this allows you to take control back of your diet.

The Secret Fat Burner Ingredients:

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Bitter Orange Extract – Although clinical data is limited on this ingredient, it has shown to reduce cholesterol and can act as an anti-inflammatory.

Chromium – Chromium is a mineral used in The Secret fat Burner. Only small amounts are necessary for human health. Chromium is used to increase energy, athletic performance, treat high blood pressure and is also used to control blood sugar levels.

Guarana – A plant found in the Amazon. This Secret Fat Burner ingredient has some fantastic benefits such as:

  • Increasing energy
  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Reduces physical and mental fatigue

Guarana is added to weight loss products to help improve users energy levels.

Green Tea Extract – Taken from the Camellia sinensis plant. Benefits of this ingredient include;

  • Increases mental alertness
  • Treats depression
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Treats stomach disorders

Yerba Mate – This Secret Fat Burner ingredient is a plant. Yerba mate benefits include:

  • Weight Loss Properties
  • Improves mood and tackles depression
  • Treats UTI’s
  • Treats bladder and kidney stones

L – Carnitine – This ingredient is an amino acid that is also naturally produced in your body. This amino acid is responsible for increasing your body’s energy production.

Cassia Seed – Prevents body from absorbing fat and carbohydrates which drastically aid in weight loss. The ingredient also gets rid of any water retention to give you a leaner look.

Raspberry Ketones – After being announced on the Dr OZ show in 2012, this ingredient became extremely popular in the weight loss industry. This ingredient is responsible for:

  • Increasing your body’s ability to burn fat
  • Suppressing your appetite

The Secret Fat Burner also has a few unlisted ingredients. These are:

  • Dextrose – commonly referred to as “glucose.”
  • Starch – Helps body absorb ingredients in the capsule.
  • Evening Primose – Helps reduce inflammation.
  • Aloe – Acts as a powerful antioxidant.
  • Dietary Fiber – Prevents body from absorbing too much sugar.

The Secret Fat Burner Side Effects:

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The Secret Fat Burners amazing results are sadly also shared with some side effects. Side effects that may be too much for some people to handle. Before I begin talking about these side effects, it is worth noting that everyone will experience these side effects at different levels of intensity. We are all different. The only way to tell how bad these will affect you is if you try The Secret Fat Burner and test it yourself.

Here are some common The Secret Fat Burner Side Effects:

  • Dry mouth; Make sure you drink at least 3 liters of water per day.
  • Headaches; Different intensities for different people.
  • Irritability; Especially if you do not eat enough calories
  • Insomnia; To avoid this, it is advised that you take the Secret Fat Burner pill in the morning.

Please Don’t Use The Secret Fatburner IF:

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  • You are on chronic medication
  • You are younger than 18
  • You are 60 years or older
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding woman
  • People who have thyroid problems

You are suffering from:

  • Kidney disease
  • Liver disease
  • Prophyria
  • Prostatic hyperplasia
  • Uncontrolled hypertension
  • Heart disease

Any questions about The Secret Fat Burner? Ask below 🙂

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The 13 Day Diet: Fad or Faithful?

As you likely already know, your metabolism plays a large role in determining how many calories you’ll burn each and every day. By speeding up the performance of your metabolism, you’ll be able to burn calories and fat faster than ever before. There are tons of foods out there that can help you speed up your metabolism to some degree and they all work exceptionally well. So, what would happen if you combined all of these into a singular diet plan? You would get the 13 day metabolism diet. This diet plan gives you the ability to shed calories faster than ever before. Below, you learn more about this diet, so you can get started right away.

What Is The 13 Day Diet?

First and foremost, you should better familiarize yourself with the 13 day diet plan A.K.A The 13 day metabolism diet. As the name suggests, this diet plan lasts 13 days. It is very strict and it can be difficult to follow. Unlike many others, the 13 day diet tells you exactly what to eat during the dieting period, so there will be no guessing. When taking part in the 13 day diet, you will need to avoid alcohol, cooking oil, salad dressing, sweeteners, and chewing gum. You should also avoid any and all foods that are not listed on the plan. Just remember to drink plant of water during the 13 day period.

Day 1

While there are plenty of foods and beverages available that will boost your metabolism, you will need to break them down over a 13 day period. While you are on this diet, you will need to avoid all foods that are not listed in the plan.

  • Breakfast – cup of caffeinated coffee (no milk, cream or sugar)
  • Lunch – 2 organic boiled eggs and fresh cooked spinach (no limit on caloric intake)
  • Dinner – 1 lean grilled steak


Day 2

  • Breakfast – Cup of caffeinated coffee (no milk, cream or sugar) and 1 slice of whole wheat bread (with or without low-fat butter)
  • Lunch – 200 Grams of ham
  • Dinner – Salad (cucumber and lettuce only), grilled lean steak and fruit


Day 3

  • Breakfast – Cup caffeinated coffee (no sugar, milk or cream) and 1 slice of whole wheat bread (with or without low-fat butter)
  • Lunch – 2 organic boiled eggs, green beams and tomato salad
  • Dinner – Salad (lettuce and cucumbers only) and 1 slice of ham


Day 4

  • Breakfast – Cup of caffeinated coffee (no sugar, cream or milk) and 1 slice of whole wheat bread (with or without low-fat butter)
  • Lunch – Raw or cook carrots (with or without low-fat cheese)
  • Dinner – Plain or natural yogurt and fruit salad (a mixture of fruits)


Day 5

  • Breakfast – Cup caffeinated coffee (no cream, milk or sugar) raw or cooked carrots (with or without lemon)
  • Lunch – Grilled with fish and raw sliced tomato
  • Dinner – Salad and 1 grilled steak


Day 6

  • Breakfast – Cup of coffee (no cream, milk or sugar) and 1 slice of whole wheat bread
  • Lunch – 200 grams of grilled chicken (skinned)
  • Dinner – 2 organic boiled eggs and carrots


Day 7

Day 7 will provide you with the freedom to pick and choose. Finally, your freedom has been returned. Just do not get too greedy, because you have several more days ahead. Enjoy day 7. It is only going to get harder from here on out.

  • Breakfast – Enjoy a glass of lemon tea
  • Lunch – Chow down on some fruit and a grilled steak
  • Dinner – Enjoy anything you want, even if it is not on the list!


Day 8

Day 8 is very similar to the days before it. Brace yourself for hunger pains, because you’ll probably feel like you’re pretty hungry at this point. Thankfully, on day eight, you’ll be able to eat a little more than normal.

  • Breakfast – Drink a black coffee with as much sugar as you prefer
  • Lunch – Enjoy 2 boiled eggs with a little bit of cooked spinach
  • Dinner – Finish the day with a juicy, 200-gram grilled steak


Day 9

For day 9, you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious ham at the end of the day. And, your lunch will be pretty substantial as well. You’re on the down slide, but you have a few more days to go. Buckle your seat-belt and prepare yourself to finish the 13 day diet.

  • Breakfast – Eat a piece of buttered whole wheat bread and drink a black coffee
  • Lunch – Enjoy a piece of grilled steak and a green salad
  • Dinner – For dinner, enjoy a 200-gram Ham


Day 10

As day 10 arrives on the 13 day diet, you’ll probably feel pretty hungry. Do not worry, because day 10 brings a bit of a reprieve. On this day, you’ll be able to eat a great deal more and food that are more substantial. The day starts similarly and then you’ll be able to enjoy a large lunch and a good-sized dinner.

  • Breakfast – Start the day with a black coffee and a piece of buttered whole wheat break
  • Lunch – You can have a big lunch of green beans, a tomato salad, and two boiled eggs
  • Dinner – Finish the day with ham and green salad. The salad should consist of cucumber and lettuce only


Day 11

Day 11 will begin similarly to the days before it. You should start the day with a black coffee and a piece of whole wheat bread. After that, carrots and a salad will finish the day.

  • Breakfast – Have a black coffee with a buttered piece of whole wheat bread
  • Lunch – Have carrots. They can be cooked or raw and add cheese
  • Dinner – Enjoy a delicious fruit salad with natural yogurt


Day 12 And 13

On day 12 and 13, you’ll begin to notice the changes. However, you’re not finished yet. You’ve got two more days to go. Do not worry, because you’ll be able to eat a tad bit more on the last two days.

  • Breakfast – For breakfast, you should have a piece of buttered whole wheat bread and black coffee
  • Lunch – Enjoy a piece of tomato along with grilled skinned chicken
  • Dinner – Finish the day with 2 boiled eggs and carrots


Is The 13 Day Diet Healthy And Should You Try It?

The 13 day diet tries to bill itself as something that is simply not verified. There is a good chance that the diet will help you lose weight. However, you must ponder how healthy the diet really is. The diet forces the participant to lose a significant amount of weight in a short period and that may not be safe. On average, it is recommended that you should only lose 1kg or 1.5kg each week. So, should you give it a try? Well, the 13 day diet can work, but it is somewhat risky.

On top of that, there is a chance that you’ll gain the weight back after the 13 days have elapsed. Therefore, it might be best to choose a diet that is safer and more permanent. Have you tried the 13 day diet? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments section below!

*As always, please make sure you talk to your Dr before trying this diet or any other diet.

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How To Lose Weight Fast: 9 Actionable Tips

There are millions of people around the world that are unsatisfied with their appearance and weight. There is a pretty good chance that you fit into this category as well. It is estimated that 36.5% of the adult population in the South Africa are obese. These individuals will eventually come to the conclusion that it is time to lose weight and get into shape. As you should already know, weight loss is all about burning more calories than you consume. That sounds pretty easy right? Unfortunately, losing weight can be more difficult than people may think.

Below I will cover 9 actionable tips on how to lose weight fast.

1. Create A Calorie Deficit

The recommended caloric intake per day depends on the individual in question. It is recommended that a female adult consume at least 2,000 calories each day. Male adults should acquire at least 2,500 calories per day. If you want to burn fat and weight as quickly as possible, you need to create a calorie deficit. Achieving this goal is very simple. Just consume fewer calories than recommended. An adult female should eat 1,500 calories instead of the recommended 2,000. This will force the body to look for energy sources elsewhere.

Instead of using the foods you’ve recently eaten, your body will use leftover fat to produce energy.

2. Drinking More Water

Most people do not like drinking water. Nevertheless, water is absolutely crucial for the body. It is one of the body’s most important components and it is also important for your overall health. Without a sufficient amount of water, there is a chance that you’re going to become sick and dehydrated. At the same time, H2O can be very beneficial for those wishing to lose weight fast. Water can help flush toxins from your system, while also making you feel fuller. When you feel fuller, you’ll be much less likely to snack around and eat unnecessarily.

This too can lead to rapid weight loss.

3. Eat More Fiber

Eating the right foods can make a world of difference when it comes to losing weight. In order to shed the kgs as quickly as possible, you need to make yourself feel full, so you do not chomp down in between meals. This is why fiber is so vital. It is possible to obtain fiber from whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Fiber is crucial, because it helps the body remain fuller for a longer period of time. By eating more fiber throughout the day, you’ll eat less of everything else. In return, you’ll shed the pounds quicker.

4. Try Fasting

If you’re willing to go to extreme measures to lose weight fast, you should consider fasting. Fasting isn’t a long-term solution, but it can help you lose a significant amount of weight in a short period of time. If you really want to know how to lose weight fast, this is how you do it! Fasting for a few days is considered to be safe, as long as you avoid dehydration. However, you must be very cautious about fasting for too long. If you begin to feel odd or lightheaded, you should stop immediately and seek out assistance.

Remember that your body needs vitamins, nutrients and minerals to remain healthy. Fasting can help, but it should not be taken lightly.

5. Trying Meal Replacements

A lot of people find it difficult to lose weight fast, but they do not know how to properly count their calories. If you’re having trouble in this area, you should consider researching meal replacements. There are tons of different meal replacements ranging from drinks to candy bars and even soups. As the name suggests, this product will replace your meal and still provide you with the nutrients needed to remain satisfied and healthy. Meal replacements can be a great aid to lose weight fast, but they’re not a miracle solution.

Also, make sure that your meal replacement shake will provide you with the nutrients and minerals needed to stay fit.

6. Always Eat Breakfast

There are tons of South Africans that skip breakfast. They do so for numerous reasons. Some people skip breakfast because they’re too busy. Others do it because they believe it will help them lose weight fast. Both choices are big mistakes. The truth of the matter is that missing breakfast is not going to help you lose weight. Instead, it’ll probably have the opposite impact. In order to lose weight, you need to keep your metabolism active as much as possible. Eating can help to stimulate the metabolism, so the body can begin burning calories and fat.

With that being said, you should not skip your breakfast. Instead, try to consume a breakfast consisting of at least 300 calories.

7. Exercise More

You’ll probably never be able to burn fat without exercising regularly. Exercise is absolutely pertinent and it can also dramatically speed up your weight loss progress. Even ten minutes of exercise a day can greatly speed up your weight loss. Just remember that choosing the right exercises will make a world of difference. In order to get the results that you desire, you should primarily target calorie burning cardio exercises, such as running or jogging. You should also incorporate a little weight training into your exercise routine.

It is not essential to exercise each and every day. Four days a week of at least 15 minutes a day will make a huge difference. Consistency over rides intensity when it comes to working out. Stick with your workout routine and you’ll burn a lot of weight very quickly.

8. Avoid High Salt Intake

Yes, salt can turn a dull food into a delightful mean. However, salt is not always the best option for adding flavor to your foods. In fact, salt is a major contributor to weight gain. South Africa’s favorite season is highly known for causing weight gain, preventing weight loss and bloating. By reducing your salt intake, you will see a major difference in your appearance and weight loss efforts in just a few days.

9. Lose Weight Fast With Vegetable Soup

The best way to start your brunch and dinner meals is with vegetable soup. If you carefully select the ingredients for your homemade soup, you could possibly reduce your caloric intake by 20 percent for both meals. Vegetables are not only low-calorie foods, but they are filled with vitamins, nutrients and goodness.

Starting each meal with a small bowl of low-calorie vegetable soup is a great way to shed those extra pounds. The vegetables will also reduce or possibly eliminate your hunger cravings, so you can wait for longer periods of time between each meal.

There you have it, 9 Actionable tips on How to Lose Weight Fast. If you enjoyed reading this article, and you found it helpful, please share it by clicking on one of the social icons or let us know by commenting below.

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Banting Green List

If you are struggling with your weight you have probably tried a variety of weight loss programs with little to no success. The reason most diet plans do not work is because they leave dieters feeling weak and hungry. However, what if you could eat all you wanted and still lose weight? Well, that is exactly what the Banting diet plan has to offer, plus so much more. You might be surprised to learn there are a variety of foods available in the Banting green list that you can indulge on, until you are completely full or even overstuffed and you will never gain weight.

The best part about the Banting Green list foods is they are not expensive. They are very accessible, even if you live in a rural or urban area. In fact, they are just your average vegetables, fruits, high protein and high fat foods that you can find at almost any grocery store.

The Benefits Of This Amazing Diet Plan

Not only will this diet plan have you shedding pounds in as little as a few days, but also there are a variety of other benefits you will receive in the process. For instance, while on this plan you will be able to achieve more effective sleeping patterns, better blood pressure management and reversal of type II diabetes and irritable bowl syndrome.

In addition to this, the diet plan can provide you with more energy, better athletic performance, less heartburn, more mental clarity and less achy bones and joints.

What Beginners Need To Know About This Diet Plan

As a beginner, there are several things you need to be aware of. For instance, throughout the different stages of the diet plan, you will be allowed to consume a variety of fruits. However, you need to be careful when consuming fruits, because they are packed with fructose, which is very similar to sugar.  While the sugar in fruit is considered “good sugar,” it is still sugar and needs to be monitored carefully.

Four Phases

The revolutionary diet plan is divided into four unique phases, including observation, restoration, transformation and preservation. However, to reach and complete each phase, dieters must follow the plan to a tee. The phases actually help dieters see their results, so they know the diet plan is really working.

  1. Observation – This phase basically involves the introductory process, as it allows the Banting dieter to become familiar with the diet plan. During this phase, you will become accustomed to your new lifestyle and the foods you are eating. Try sticking to only food that can be found in the Banting green list.
  2. Restoration – During this phase, your body will begin to utilize the nutrients and vitamins found in the approved foods to prepare for the transformation phase.
  3. Transformation – During this phase, your body will begin to transform into an energized, healthier and more physical being. This generally occurs after 10 days.
  4. Preservation – Once you reach this phase, you will be fully prepared to take whatever life has to throw at you. This is where you can slowly introduce foods in the Banting orange list.

The Full Banting Green List

Remember, the rules go like this. Eat as much as you want from the Banting Green List, monitor amount of food you eat from the Banting Orange list and STAY AWAY from all foods in the Red List. In this article I will only cover the Banting Green List.

Animal Protein

  • Eggs
  • Natural and cured meats (pancetta, parma ham, coppa etc)
  • Natural and cured sausages (salami etc)
  • All meats including poultry and game
  • Broths
  • All seafood (except tilefish and swordfish- due to high mercury content)
  • All offal


  • All vegetables that grow above the ground and are brown (just not butternut)
  • Tomatoes
  • All green leafy vegetables (spinach, lettuces , cabbage)
  • Artichoke hearts
  • Mushrooms
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Pumpkin
  • Radishes
  • Asparagus
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Spring onions
  • Olives
  • Courgettes
  • Leeks
  • Celery
  • Peppers
  • Avocados
  • Onions
  • Sauerkraut
  • Aubergines


  • Lard
  • Butter
  • Olive oil
  • Cheese – firm, natural, full-fat, aged cheeses (not processed)
  • Avocado oil
  • Mayonnaise, full fat only (not from seeds oils)
  • Coconut oil
  • Ghee
  • Any rendered animal fat
  • Macadamia oil
  • Duck fat


  • Hard cheeses
  • Full-cream milk
  • Cream cheese
  • Full-cream Greek yoghurt
  • Cream
  • Cottage cheese
  • Soft cheeses

Seeds and Nuts

  • Sunflower
  • Almonds
  • Pine nuts
  • Pecan nuts
  • Flaxseeds
  • Walnuts
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Macadamia nuts

Flavorings and Condiments

Stay away from all flavorings and Condiments that contain sugar.


  • Xylitol granules
  • Erythritol granules
  • Stevia powder

That should cover all food allowed on the Banting Green List. If you think I missed a food type or if you are unsure of a food item, please feel free to comment below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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An In-Depth And Honest MELANOTAN 2 Product Review

melanotan 2

Are you one of those unfortunate people with pale skin that just cannot get out in the sun without getting blistered? Of course, you want that beautiful tan body, but it is physically impossible for you to achieve it. Well, that was until you discovered Melanotan II nasal spray. This innovative self-tanning nasal spray is created with special, state-of-the-art ingredients and formulas to give you that all-natural looking tan, and you do not even have to step one foot outdoors. Below, you will learn more about this product and how you can benefit from it.

Fat Burning Properties

A tan is not all that you can achieve from using this incredible product. In fact, many individuals are surprised to learn that this product contains properties that can help burn belly fat. Regardless, if you are looking for a tan or trying to get in better shape, Melanotan II nasal spray is the product for you. Many individuals thought that it was the appetite suppression effect in the product that boosted the weight loss properties, but it turns out the product promotes a general reduction in visceral and subcutaneous fat tissues. When you combine this with the appetite suppression effect of the product, you will not only achieve an amazing tan body, but the kgs will shed away, as well.

What Is Melanotan II?

Melanotan II is a synthetic chemical analog utilized for tanning of the skin, to treat erectile dysfunction in men and help fat reduction. For people who experience allergic reactions after sun exposure or have fair skin, Melanotan 2 offers a much safer alternative to sunbathing and tanning beds. In the past the supplement was only available in injection form. Today it is also available as a nasal spray.

Melanotan 2 Side Effects

Just like any other drug, Melanotan II causes side effects.

Side effects include:

  • Nausea
  • Decreased appetite
  • Weakness
  • Flushing
  • Frequent yawning

While some people have not reported experiencing any of these side effects, others have reported experiencing them all. There is not enough scientific information available to determine whether Melanotan 2 is safe for use in humans.

melanotan 2

Lightning Fast Results

If you want to get a tan the old-fashioned way, you’ll need to sit in the sun for an extensive period of time and you’ll risk developing skin burn. Wouldn’t you like to be able to get a beautiful, golden tan without any risks? Look no further than Melanotan II. With this revolutionary product, you’ll be able to achieve a beautiful tan within a period of just 3 to 4 weeks. At this point, your complexion will look amazing. Your skin will be golden brown and you’ll receive compliments everywhere you go.

Totally Easy To Use

Sitting in the hot sun for hours on end to get a tan is not going to be fun. Plus, there is a good chance that you do not have the time to waste. If you agree with this assessment, you owe it to yourself to check out Melanotan 2. This amazing product is totally easy to use. In fact, you just need to pump the medicine into your nasal passage. At the maximum, you’ll need to inject the medicine three times a day. This will be very convenient for the majority of women. After you’ve achieved the desired tan, you can decrease the frequency to just 1 spray each morning.

Overall Assessment

All in all, Melanotan ii is an amazing product that will prove to be a dream come true for many women and men. If you want a beautiful tan, but do not have the time to sit in the sun, you owe it to yourself to check out this amazing product. It comes with few risks and it’ll help you achieve the results that are so desperately desired! Try it out for yourself and I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.

If you have any questions about Melanotan 2 please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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A Comprehensive Shape Platinum Weight Loss Product Review

Wouldn’t you absolutely love to be able to decrease your waist line and lose those love handles in a hurry? The unfortunate truth is that losing weight is never easy and it is definitely not going to happen overnight. If you’re serious about losing weight, you’ll need to put your mind to it and stick with the basics. Of course, there are a few products that might be able to speed up your progress. Shape Platinum is considered to be one of the most beneficial supplements for women and men that want to lose weight as rapidly as possible.

What is this product all about and what are the benefits of using it? You’ll find out below!

Eliminate Your Hunger!

There is a good chance that you’ve had difficulty losing weight, because you’ve been unable to control your appetite. You’re not the only one. Many women nearly starve themselves to death only to get hungry and glut themselves later on. If you want to prevent this from happening, you need to suppress your appetite. This is where Shape Platinum enters the picture. This supplement is enormously effective for suppressing the appetite. By consuming the recommended dosage, you’ll be able to avoid those annoying hunger cravings in the evening.

Feel Alive And Younger Than Ever Before

In order to lose weight, it is absolutely pertinent to exercise. Unfortunately, most people do not have the energy needed to work out and exercise on a daily basis. One of the most notable perks associated with Shape Platinum is the product’s energy boosting capabilities. This product will dramatically boost your energy levels, so you can power through your day easier than ever before. If you need an extra kick in the rear, you owe it to yourself to invest in Shape Platinum!

Little To No Negative Shape Platinum Side Effects

Unfortunately, a lot of weight loss supplements come with startling side effects. This will never be a problem with Shape Platinum. As long as you’re not pregnant or breastfeeding, you’ll be able to utilize this product with little to no risk. Also, you should consider avoiding any weight loss supplement if you suffer from a heart condition or high blood pressure. Speak with your doctor to ensure that this product is completely safe for you. There is a good chance that it is!

Shape Platinum Ingredients:

  • Guggul Sterone 10mg
  • Ginko Biloba 100mg
  • Daytohimbin 75mg
  • Chomium Picolinatex 75mg
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) 50mg

Effortless Consumption

When it comes down to it, nobody wants to take ten or twenty capsules each and every day! This is even worse when the pills are enormous. Shape Platinum is convenient! The user just needs to consume 2 capsules after their breakfast. After that, the supplement will work all day long. The medicine works exceptionally well for suppressing the appetite for a full 24 hours.

Overall Assessment

All in all, there is definitely a lot to like about Shape Platinum. While it might not be suitable for all women, it is undeniably a great option for most. The product works great and it poses very few, if any, risks to the user. As long as you’re not pregnant or breastfeeding, you’ll definitely want to give this product a try! Be sure to check it out for yourself right away!

If you have any questions about the product please be sure to comment below and I will reply as soon as possible.

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Training for a Triathlon

training for a triathlon

A triathlon is a sports event that is made up of three components: swimming, cycling and running. During a competition, each of these disciplines immediately follows the other. The length or duration of each component can vary depending on the individual competition. A triathlon is a demanding sport that requires special training in each of the disciplines as well as strength, power and endurance training. Being proficient in one sport is not sufficient. You must excel in all three.

Train Separately for Each Event


Training for a triathlon is often race specific because each race has different distance requirements. It is necessary to determine the length of each component before starting your training so you can ensure that you’ll have adequate endurance to complete each phase. Training can also be based on the individual components, with swimming constituting up to 20 percent of the race, cycling up to 50 percent and running up to 30 percent of each race.

Increase Stamina & Endurance


Endurance is paramount when participating in a triathlon. You need to have enough stamina to complete all three phases and in order to do this you must train slowly at first but increase in distance and duration as you progress. Begin your training with periods of running, swimming and cycling that are shorter in duration until your body becomes accustomed to the endurance. Slowly increase the duration or distance until you have surpassed the required amount for your race. (Source

Supplements and Performance Enhancers

anabolic steroids in syringe

It’s no secret that many athletes use supplements as well as anabolic steroids to enhance their performance. Supplements such as whey protein and Bcaa’s help the body recover faster after working out or running, this allows an athlete to train harder and more frequently.

Anabolic Steroids help increase muscle, strength and recovery far faster than any other product available on the market. Many athletes are known to abuse anabolic steroids to give them an unfair advantage over their competitors. For long distance events such as triathlons, steroids such as Equipoise are commonly used. This steroid increases red blood cell count which in turn increases ones endurance. (Source

Interval Training

runners doing interval training

Interval training is essential when training for a triathlon so your muscles get used to switching disciplines before having a long rest. Once you’ve built up your endurance, you must begin adding a second element to your training sessions, such as swimming followed immediately by cycling. Ensure that prior to your competition that you’ve had sufficient time training in all three components, one after the other, like in a real competition. (Source

Practice Competitions

Smaller competitions are a great way to continue training. Participating in these events will allow you to get a good feel for the way competitions are managed as well as provide extra incentive through the competition of racing against your peers. In addition, you will get a good sense of exactly what you’ll need to bring with you on the day of your target event.


Training for a triathlon requires dedication and determination. This is by no means an easy sport to master, but fitness and a sense of accomplishment are just rewards for the hard work.

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If you want to lose weight and reap the benefits of The Banting diet, it is important that you remember to do away with sugar and alcohol. Regulate your body first, and then slowly incorporate foods to see how your body reacts. Remember that you are in control of your body so you can change and try other food options according to how you feel.

Taking note of the side effects of this diet is also important. During the first week or so you will more than likely experience “The Low Carb Flu”.

The Low Carb flue side effects are as follows:

  • Headaches
  • Carb Cravings
  • Nasea

These side effects come from your body getting rid of toxins as well as withdrawals from all those bad foods and sugars your body has gotten used to over the years.

The rules of the diet are simple and easy to keep up with. All that you need to do is eat food low in carbohydrates, enjoy foods that are high in fats and consume an acceptable amount of protein. The key factor behind this diet is to help your body burn fat for energy as a substitute of burning carbohydrates. The Banting Diet generally comprises of 3 meals and 1 snack.

I have taken the opportunity of creating a healthy, yet scrumptious 7 day Banting diet plan that you can incorporate in your Banting way of life.


2 fried eggs
2 rashers bacon
1 pork sausage
Can of tuna
Steak with broccoli and leafy vegetables

2 poached eggs
Tomato and onion relish
Bacon and tomato sandwich wrapped in lettuce
2 Boiled Eggs
Fish with spinach

2 eggs
3 rashers bacon
1 tomato
Mixed vegetables
Pumpkin with butter
Cauliflower and broccoli
Baby marrow with cheese sprinkled on top

Scrambled eggs fried in butter
Mushroom, onion, garlic, yellow pepper and tomato fried in bacon fat
Vegetables and cold cut meats
Almonds and berries
Scrumptious pork with fresh vegetables

Scrambled eggs cooked in butter
Tomato, onion and garlic fried in olive oil
Steak with Salad
Rotisserie chicken
Greek Salad, fresh lettuce, tomato, cucumber, peppers, feta, olives, balsamic vinegar and olive oil

2 fried eggs
2 rashers bacon
1 pork sausage
Full cream yoghurt
Raw Nuts
Beef with vegetables

Coconut milk smoothie
Chicken breast
Greek Salad
Hake fried in butter and lemon juice
Soft spinach leaves with butter and garlic
Auvergne fried in olive oil

If you have difficulties with losing weight on this diet, you should cut down on your dairy consumption or eliminate it completely from your diet. Dairy products are excellent for those who want to follow the Banting Diet, but if you are lactose intolerant it can stop you from losing weight.

To sum up, the best part about Banting is that it is an lifestyle instead of just a “diet”. While being on the Banting diet you are allowed to eat tasty high fat meals which beats eating like a rabbit in my book any day. With a bit of planning and will power, the Banting Diet will give you the weight loss results you are looking for.

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Canon Powershot 110 Review

canon powershot

The Canon Powershot 110 is a 16 Megapixel compact camera with a 5x zoom range. This is a wider angle compact camera and one that is excellent for indoor photography as well as landscapes. It also has the ability to record full HD 1080p videos. The sleek and stylish design continues the Powershot trend of packing a huge number of features and excellent image quality into a small, compact package that can be conveniently carried anywhere at any time either with or without a case or bag.

Included in the Canon Powershot 110 Bundle are the following items:

■ Canon PowerShot ELPH 110 Digital Camera
■ 8 Gigabyte SDHC Memory Card
■ Memory Card Wallet
■ Carry Case
■ Lens Care Kit
■ LCD Screen Protectors
■ Mini Table Tripod
■ Free high quality prints

Fit with Canons latest DIGIC 5 image processor, the Canon Powershot 110 is packed with potential. The 16MP sensor allows plenty of detail to be captured, particularly in well lit environments. The battery, a rechargeable Li-ion, is rated to last for up to 170 shots. Canon has bundled some software with the camera as well, and this includes Zoombrowser and PhotoStitch.

Unique features of the Canon Powershot 110 include the excellent Experience Face ID which is able to recognize images of people and optimize them accordingly. The addition of Intelligent IS is welcomed as this helps to create clear shots free of blur in a wider variety of situations, particularly when the light is getting low or the zoom is extended completely.

Full HD video is a feature to be appreciated. Theres no need to carry a separate video camera around when you can film in full HD from such a small camera body, while easily being able to switch back to still shooting at any time.

For people who just want to get started, Canon has wisely created a Smart Auto mode where you can simply photograph any subject, virtually anywhere, and let the camera take care of all the settings and selections. It works well in most situations, with only the most challenging requiring your input. Despite the Smart Auto ability, the Canon Powershot 110 will also impress those who do want more control over shooting settings, with the array of menu options available to give you complete power over any situation where you are taking photos or shooting video. Switching to Smart Auto is just a matter of flicking the small switch at the top of the camera.

Weighing just 4.8 ounces and with a thickness of only 0.8 inches, this camera is one of the smallest on the market and although it does not have a large zoom capability, will suit people who wish to photograph family, events and outdoor landscapes. With a maximum resolution of 4,608 x 3,456 pixels, you can easily create large, vivid prints from your images. The only function that is not present is a HDR mode, although it is still possible to take multiple exposures of a high contrast scene and create a HDR image manually on your computer.

The ISO range is from 100 to 3200, with very usable images being experienced up to ISO 800, with softness being evident above that. However when resized for the web, using much higher ISO is possible as artefacts and softness can be masked somewhat by the resizing process.

Small enough to carry everywhere, using the Powershot 110 is fun and simple. Canons famous quality is immediately apparent the moment you pick up the camera, and this is carried through to the high image quality. Available in a number of stylish colours, its a camera you can match to your personality and style. This Canon Powershot 110 bundle provides everything the budding photographer needs to get out there and start taking high quality photos right away.

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Nikon Coolpix P510 Review

Nikon Coolpix P510

The Nikon Coolpix P510 is a 16 megapixel megazoom compact camera that resembles a DSLR in its physical appearance. With a 42X zoom capability, the P510 is one of the largest megazoom cameras on the market today. It it appealing to photographers who wish to be able to photograph subjects at both close and very far distances.

Included in this Nikon Coolpix P510 bundle are the following items:

■ Nikon Coolpix P510 digital camera
■ 16GB SDHC memory card
■ USB SD card reader
■ Memory card wallet
■ LCD screen protectors
■ Spare EN-EL5 battery
■ Camera carry case
■ 50 tripod
■ 8 extendible mini tripod
■ Lens cleaning kit
■ HDMI cable
■ 25 free photo prints

A much appreciated feature of the camera is Nikons excellent VR (Vibration Reduction) technology, which allows you to minimize camera shake when zoomed right in something that can an unexpected problem and cause disappointingly blurry pictures for people who have not used such great zooms before. Because this bundle comes with a tripod, it is easy and affordable to set up the P510 on the tripod for even more stable photos at long distance; this is the ideal way to eliminate all camera shake.

The P510 is capable of recording high definition 1080p movies, and also has an inbuilt GPS feature so that photos and videos are immediately and automatically geotagged, allowing you to easily track where and when your images were captured.

The camera has a very clear 3 inch LCD screen at the back, that is a Vari-angle style, meaning it folds out; making it simple to capture photos and videos from any angle. There are 20 scene modes in total, covering virtually every conceivable shooting situation. The camera also supports automatic panorama, allowing very wide landscapes (up to 360 degrees) to be captured in multiple images and automatically stitched together.

Scene modes are well taken care of with all of the usual modes youd expect like Landscapes and Portraits, but also additional and creative modes like Pet Portrait mode which actually detects the face of a cat or dog and snaps it into focus accordingly. In addition to the scene modes, there are two panorama modes. Easy Panorama and Panorama Assist modes are both simple ways to create professional looking panoramas without resorting to computer software. The Assist mode provides a ghost on the screen, so you can more accurately line up each successive photo. This is a nice touch on the regular panoramic modes that most people are used to.

Considering the size of the lens on the P510, Nikon has managed to keep the camera amazingly compact. The body itself is quite light, with most of the weight leaning towards the front. The rear controls are placed on the right side of the camera, with the selection dial being the dominant feature. The delete and menu buttons as well as the playback button make it fast to access important functions via the buttons.

The photo quality from the Coolpix P510 has been rated as excellent with excellent detail at the lower ISO settings. Automatic noise reduction is applied as the ISO increases in low light scenes, and this can result in slightly softer images, however this is generally not noticeable in images shared on the web and additionally, can be fixed somewhat in post processing software. Compared with its rivals, the P510 performs very well up to ISO 800. Using a flash is ideal when the light is dim and youd prefer to keep the camera at a lower ISO setting.

This Nikon Coolpix P510 bundle provides excellent value for money not only on the camera itself, but with the array of accessories that youll enjoy getting use out of from day one.

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