Nikon Coolpix P510 Review

Nikon Coolpix P510

The Nikon Coolpix P510 is a 16 megapixel megazoom compact camera that resembles a DSLR in its physical appearance. With a 42X zoom capability, the P510 is one of the largest megazoom cameras on the market today. It it appealing to photographers who wish to be able to photograph subjects at both close and very far distances.

Included in this Nikon Coolpix P510 bundle are the following items:

■ Nikon Coolpix P510 digital camera
■ 16GB SDHC memory card
■ USB SD card reader
■ Memory card wallet
■ LCD screen protectors
■ Spare EN-EL5 battery
■ Camera carry case
■ 50 tripod
■ 8 extendible mini tripod
■ Lens cleaning kit
■ HDMI cable
■ 25 free photo prints

A much appreciated feature of the camera is Nikons excellent VR (Vibration Reduction) technology, which allows you to minimize camera shake when zoomed right in something that can an unexpected problem and cause disappointingly blurry pictures for people who have not used such great zooms before. Because this bundle comes with a tripod, it is easy and affordable to set up the P510 on the tripod for even more stable photos at long distance; this is the ideal way to eliminate all camera shake.

The P510 is capable of recording high definition 1080p movies, and also has an inbuilt GPS feature so that photos and videos are immediately and automatically geotagged, allowing you to easily track where and when your images were captured.

The camera has a very clear 3 inch LCD screen at the back, that is a Vari-angle style, meaning it folds out; making it simple to capture photos and videos from any angle. There are 20 scene modes in total, covering virtually every conceivable shooting situation. The camera also supports automatic panorama, allowing very wide landscapes (up to 360 degrees) to be captured in multiple images and automatically stitched together.

Scene modes are well taken care of with all of the usual modes youd expect like Landscapes and Portraits, but also additional and creative modes like Pet Portrait mode which actually detects the face of a cat or dog and snaps it into focus accordingly. In addition to the scene modes, there are two panorama modes. Easy Panorama and Panorama Assist modes are both simple ways to create professional looking panoramas without resorting to computer software. The Assist mode provides a ghost on the screen, so you can more accurately line up each successive photo. This is a nice touch on the regular panoramic modes that most people are used to.

Considering the size of the lens on the P510, Nikon has managed to keep the camera amazingly compact. The body itself is quite light, with most of the weight leaning towards the front. The rear controls are placed on the right side of the camera, with the selection dial being the dominant feature. The delete and menu buttons as well as the playback button make it fast to access important functions via the buttons.

The photo quality from the Coolpix P510 has been rated as excellent with excellent detail at the lower ISO settings. Automatic noise reduction is applied as the ISO increases in low light scenes, and this can result in slightly softer images, however this is generally not noticeable in images shared on the web and additionally, can be fixed somewhat in post processing software. Compared with its rivals, the P510 performs very well up to ISO 800. Using a flash is ideal when the light is dim and youd prefer to keep the camera at a lower ISO setting.

This Nikon Coolpix P510 bundle provides excellent value for money not only on the camera itself, but with the array of accessories that youll enjoy getting use out of from day one.

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Nikon D3100 Review

Nikon D3100

These days, more and more people are taking pictures than ever before. With the emergency of social media, the demand for good quality photographs has never been higher. It should be no surprise that the market for entry level DSLR cameras is booming right now. However, with such a wide selection available to the consumer, it can be hard to choose the right camera for you. Luckily, the following article focuses on one of the newest and most popular budget DSLR cameras currently on the market. Here you will get a comprehensive Nikon D3100 review so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not you want to give it a try.

The first thing that struck us as odd with this camera was its price. The Nikon D3100 currently costs about the same as the Nikon D5000 which has been out for some time now, and in many ways, the 5000 is the better camera (with a few big exceptions). Also, the Nikon D3100 is very similar to the much cheaper Nikon D3000 so it seems like Nikon had quite a bit of trouble finding the right price for this device. That having been said however, there are still many reasons why the D3100 might be the camera for you.

D3100 Noise Profile

The Nikon D3100 has an extremely good noise profile. In fact, it is the best in its class of budget DSLR cameras. it produces very clean JPEGs all the way through ISO 3200. The D3100 has wonderful color reproduction, which is something that lacks among many of its competitors. Often times DSLR cameras in this price range will give you over saturated colors that dont look real. The exposure and metering system also function much better than we initially anticipated.

When it comes to performance, the Nikon D3100 was just okay. It is slower than many of its competitors, even the cheaper Nikon D3000. It has a power to shoot time of .4 seconds. It is also able to focus and shoot in .4 seconds too (in good light). In poor light however, the D3100 took .9 seconds to shoot, significantly longer than many other models. With flash that shooting time is even longer at 1.1 seconds. What this means is that this camera might not be ideal for those looking to photograph random moving objects a lot.

The video quality of the Nikon D3100 is similar to many other cameras in its class however, the full time AF leaves much to be desired. The AF had trouble locking on to moving objects when we tested it, and it was also extremely loud. The sound quality however, was actually better than we thought, outperforming most if not all of the competition.

Nikon D3100s Look and Feel

With regards to the Nikon D3100s look and feel, it has a smaller and lighter body than the D3000. It is very comfortable in the hands, and while it has many direct access controls attached to it, it doesnt feel cramped, something we found to be very pleasing. Generally, most of the location of these controls are in the same places as it was in previous models which should make it easy to use for someone upgrading to this device.

Our Nikon D3100 review wouldnt be complete without telling you what comes in the box. Along with the camera, this device also comes equipped with a USB connector and proprietary software for those of you who like to do their own editing. All in all, the Nikon D3100 is a decent DSLR camera, but you can get the D5000 for the same price, or opt for the similar but cheaper D3000. We hope you found this Nikon D3100 review helpful!

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Nikon 1 J3 Review

Nikon 1 J3

The beautiful Nikon 1 J3 is known for its inspiration and impeccable performance. It comes in a little package but it works wonder. The images shot by this camera are breathtaking and creativity meets with reality. The 14.2 megapixel camera is ignited with full HD videos that complement the captures. Having this beauty means there will be no end to capturing motion snapshots and moments will indeed be worth remembering. The camera is designed in a remarkable format and it is relatively faster in performance. This piece is the source of imagination. Clarity of images and videos is the best result of using the camera.

Nikon 1 J3: Specifications

■ The camera is built with a lithium-ion battery that is long-lasting and efficient in service. It is the best battery to support the 14.2 million pixels

■ The image censor is CX format type with an ISO sensitivity structure.

■ The shooting speed is continuous and it proceeds at full resolution. It is possible to watch a movie with this camera. It has an LCD monitor of size 3.0 (diagonal). The brightness of the monitor can be adjusted.

■ Its file system is the compressed 12-bit NEF (RAW). The camera has the ability to record a photograph in both formats of NEF (RAW) and JPEG.

■ The system fully complies with the Design rule for camera file system (DCF)

■ It has a built-in flashy system with an impeccable white balance

Nikon 1 J3: Experience

This Nikon camera is bound to turn a non professional photographer into an admirer of photographs and still images. This camera is a huge upgrade from all other forms of camera and it is worth every penny. Nikon 1 J3 has the best moment capture (BCM) option for taking group shots. The BCM also covers action and continuous movements. The inexperienced people can benefit from various automatic settings found in the camera. Advanced photographs can use the manual settings to adjust their mode of capture. The auto-focus of the lens is very convenient and operates quickly. Pictures taken in areas with low lightings have beautiful appearance.

Is Nikon 1 J3 camera worth buying?

Once the Nikon 1 J3 falls in place, one will only get tired capturing the smooth shots and videos. The challenge will be to deplete the battery life by staying out-door. The body of the camera is light and not bulky. It comes with a software package that strengthens the video mode. It is definitely worth the purchase.

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