Riaan Roux, Professional Photographer, talks about his new Sony A77 and how it performed at this weekends wedding!

sony_a77I was stunned by the A77 this weekend where I used it as primary camera at a wedding on Saturday.

The A77 was used as primary body mounted with the 28-75mm f/2.8 lens.  The A55 was used as backup and mounted with a Tokina 19-35mm lens for wider shots where needed.  Maritza, my girlfriend, also used the older a230 mounted with a 12 year old Minolta 50mm f/1.7 prime and she got incredible shots (the a230 and the 50mm are a match made in heaven).

Things that really impressed me on the A77:

-           Incredible viewfinder.  The OLED electronic viewfinder is like looking through a optical!

-          Speed of focus!

-          Focus peeking (with a quick button press you get highlights around edges of the areas most in focus which you can then tweak)

-          WOW dynamic range

-          Layout of buttons (I have no feeling in my right thumb due to accident years ago yet could easily work the back panel without looking!)

-          White Balance micro adjust.  Since the wedding was a vintage theme I wanted to warm scenes a little and set auto WB (usual at weddings), but could adjust auto WB with a 4-way colour tweak.

-          Speed!!!  I did not miss a single shot.  As fast as you can click you can get a shot (fast SD cards help too)

-          Face registration.  Since you can pre-program up to 8 faces into the body you can set the wide focus to find and focus those faces as primary faces.  The registration can be set up in a preference order too.

-          Battery life! I managed to snap off 911 shots (the whole wedding) and had 2% left (just made it, need a backup battery as soon as I have been paid).

- Absolutely amazing thumb-joystick control which is a real pleasure working with (very precise and accurate).

- The viewfinder can be set to settings view (show scene as it will be captured on current aperture, shutter, ISO and other settings) or clear view (as through an optical viewfinder).  However, at any moment you can push the easily accessible “Shot Result” button to show you the view that the current settings will give you (ex Flash) which is great for natural light shots.

Here are a few samples (keep an eye on the album as I load more): http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.446348932071725.104650.214908435215777&type=1

Have a great day!