nik300mmvrii_largeThe Nikon VRII is about to enter the market and the whispering sound from camera enthusiasts worldwide is ‘brace yourself’ because this lens is to a camera enthusiast what finding gold was to a John Marshall (yes, he trigger the 1848 California Gold Rush!)

Everything about this lens tells us that it was designed for people who are serious about their photography and all the features that make it up are geared towards action photography.

With Nikon’s second generation Vibration Reduction System and Nano Crystal coating for incredible sharpness of images this lens works with superb result even in very low light situations.

This super-telephoto lens has very fast aperture speeds and the quick working Silent Wave Motor focus aids to capture quick moving subjects like sports players or running wildlife without blur. The Nikon 300mm VRII is ideal for the news photographer, needing a fast pace, high delivery, high quality lens and relying on the quality of the lens for the successful capture of their story.

The Nikon VRII features the Vibration Reduction II which gives the photographer the abilty to snap their images at shutter speeds up to four stops slower than the average, ensuring clearer, sharper images when shooting hand-held (because when you are shooting something happening very fast, there is no time to set up a tri-pod).

The Nikon 300mm f2.8 G VRII brags about incredible edge to corner sharpness and a quick, quiet autofocus. With 300mm full frame and 450mm focal length the lens is able to produce scenic shots, for example in field sports playing in stadiums.
The lens is very light weight and this obviously aids in hand-held photography.

The Magnesium Body is weather sealed to protect the lens and allow for use in a more challenging environments, giving professional photographers more freedom.

The glass on the Nikon 300mm f2.8 G VRII is Nikon developed; Extra low Dispersion glass which allows for the production of lenses that give a superior sharpness and natural colour reproduction to your images by reducing chromatic aberration (which is the lens failing to focus all of the colours to one point, resulting in a blur of one colour, but the other colours are clear even though they are at the same distance/on the same subject)

The Silent Wave Motor, briefly mentioned above, converts the ‘travelling waves’ into rotational energy in order to focus the optics (yes, it sounds a bit Greek so I will explain further)
The Silent Wave Motor makes use of the travelling ultrasonic waves and converts them into rational energy. It then takes that rational energy and uses it to focus the lens. The ultrasonic waves move in a spiral pattern inside your lens barrel and this is able to drive the cylindrical motor which in turn moves the lens elements.

Don’t worry if it is still Greek to you – what you need to know is that this motor system boasts high torque levels and instant start up resulting in very fast autofocus with amazing accuracy.

The Nikon 300mm f2.8 G VRII has Super Intergrated Coating which aims to reduce ghost and flare as well as minimizing reflection and superior colour reproduction and balance.

The Nikon VRII allows for a seemless switch between manual operation and autofocus, regardless of the autofocus mode in use. There is virtually no time lag and you will not miss the action shot you are aiming to get.

The Nikon 300mm f2.8 G VRII features a Nano Crystal Coat which is an anti-reflective coat which reduces (to virtual non existence) internal lens element reflections. This feature is particularly useful in reducing flare and ghost which is not uncommon to ultra wide angle lenses.
The Nano Crystal coat is basically Nikon’s extra-low refractive index coating which features ultra-fine nano sized crystallized particles.

This lens is indeed the golden beginning of a new year. Available in January 2010.