zoomA wedding photographer knows the most difficult part of shooting a wedding is getting enough light into your shot inside the church. Sometimes, even with an off camera flash, the ceiling is too high or the walls are too far to bounce the light off and you can’t go flashing the bride and groom in the face during their vows…so how do you go about getting enough light into your images?

The answer can be found in this beautiful lens, the Sigma 70-200mm F2.8. (APO EX DG OS)
With a maximum aperture of F2.8 this allows plenty light to enter the camera while also giving your photos an artistic and pleasant depth of field.  F2.8 is available through the full focal range from 70-200mm.

I had the pleasure of shooting my last few weddings and I am now so attached to the lens that I just want to take it everywhere with me.

The focal range, 70-200mm allows for really beautiful portraits as well as giving you exactly what you need to get up close and personal at the ceremony without interfering with anything. Stealth mode photography.

At one of the weddings, during the couple shoot, I left my standard lens in the car and decided to test the ability of the 70mm range. Standing a little further back than usual I was able to take really beautiful full length shots with an incredible depth of field.

At an aperture of 2.8 your out of focus areas are so beautifully and smoothly blurred that even when you don’t need to be on 2.8 just for lighting reasons, you end up using it anyway and just pushing your shutter speed to ridiculous heights to avoid over exposure.

In terms of weight and design, the lens is not exactly a light lens at 1,430grams. Not the kind of lens you would plan to carry on a hike up the mountain, BUT, definitely the kind of lens you want to take with you on that hike anyway… back to weddings…I had this lens attached to my camera, slung around my neck for the full 8 hours of shooting and wasn’t bothered by the weight.

The minimum focusing distance is 1 meter. That beats the Canon equivalent by 0.4meters (a lot in photography standards)

18.4cm in length, the barrel does not protrude any further when focusing back and forth.

The focal ring and zoom rings are both covered by a rubber grip which makes it very easy to handle the lens and the movement of turning the rings is smooth and firm.

The image quality was simply breath taking.

Below are some example of photograph taken with this lens.