Scrapbooking is a very popular hobby and a great way to share and store photos. With the modern photographer having all their photos in digital format it seems like a logical step to start scrapbooking in digital format too!

Scrapbooking can also be really messy and expensive – digital scrapbooking means no paper clippings and glue all over your diningroom table & no paper and decoration costs – but still all the fun!

So here it is – my first attempt at Digital Scrapbooking with Photoshop!

I started with a blank canvas the size of an A4 page (makes for easy printing)
The first thing I did was hop onto to collect an assortment of brushes and paper pattern textures to use as my decoration.

I found the following that I really liked:
Lace –
Twirls & Roses –
Vintage Paper collection –
More papers –
Stamps & Tickets –

There was also a great “coffee stain” brush, but it didn’t suit my design idea…next time!

(for a tutorial on loading and using new brushes click here)

I then selected all the photos I wanted on my scrapbook page. Don’t pick too many for one page, rather make more than one page if you want to use a lot of photos – otherwise your scrapbook just looks cluttered.

First things first, I decided which paper I wanted to use as my background.
I liked this one:

Once you have the image that will be your background you can simply drag and drop it onto the open canvas in Photoshop and then resize it to fit your A4 page. (Use your transform tool to do this) Ctrl+A will select your whole layer and Ctrl+T will activate your transform options for resizing. Just drag the little corners that appear on your image out to the edges of your canvas.

Now you can drag and drop each photo onto your canvas as well (from what ever folder it is saved in on your computer) Each photo will appear in it’s own layer so you can move it around and resize it as you please.

With each of your photos positioned (don’t worry if they aren’t perfect, you can move them later) you can now start decorating. Add a new layer each time you add a new decoration (whether it be a strip of lace or a twirly pattern) so that you can delete, move or edit the layer without effecting anything else in your layout. I used some twirly paint brush patterns to create a picture-tree and then added some other swirls and branches in the background. I changed the opacity of some of the layers so that they were faded and did not distract from the pictures. (Opacity slider is found at the top of your layers menu > you can adjust the opacity for each layer seperatly)

Here is a sample collection of the twirls and decorations I used:


Because my theme was a little old fashioned I decided to fade the saturation of my photos (Image > Adjustments > Hue & Saturation) , making them look older as well. I also added a white outline (Blending Options > Stroke) and a drop shadow (Blending Options > Drop Shadow) to each of my photos for effect. You can bring up the blending options for a layer by right-clicking on that layer and selecting blending options from the list that appears.

I can’t really tell you how to layout your scrapbook page as each page is going to look very differnet depending on your theme and personal style. The basis of a digital scrapbook page is the same as a cut and paste with glue and paper one – layers and layers and layers. Each layer will have something new in it and will move independantly of the other layers. The key to successfull digital scrapbooking is collecting the right accessories. Your paper textures, oranments and decorations are what counts. I simply LOVE but there are lots of options for collecting these things. You can even get bold and make your own!

Feel free to ask questions if you need help – go wild and have fun!