SAcamera Trade-In and Pre-Owned Sales Policy

What can be traded in?

SAcamera offers trade-in’s on the following categories:

· Broadcast Camcorders

· Compact Interchangeable Lens Cameras

· Fixed Focal Lenses

· Flashes

· Macro Lenses

· Mid and Entry SLR’s

· Top Range SLR’s

· Zoom Lenses

The following brands can be traded-in:

· Canon

· Nikon

· Sigma

· Sony

How are trade-ins valued?

· Trade-ins are valued on four criteria. The criteria is:

· Last Retail Price

· Product Age

· Working Condition

· Cosmetic Condition

· SAcamera’s staff will do their utmost to determine the working condition of traded-in goods. Where this is not possible SAcamera will use the manufacturer repair agent to determine the working condition of the product.

· The cosmetic condition of all traded-in goods is determined as follows:

· Demo – Never Owned – Used for demonstration purposes only.

· 10 – Pre-owned but appears as new.

· 9 – Shows little or no signs of wear.

· 8 – Shows signs of use but very clean.

· 7 – Shows moderate wear or finish marks

· 6 – Well used – may exhibit “dings” or finish marks.

· 5 – Shows considerable amount of use – More than average wear

· 4 – Useable, but has considerable optical or mechanical imperfection (Warranty does not apply).

How are goods traded-in?

· Goods can be traded in as follows:

· At our Cape Town Store at 19A Loop Street Cape Town.

· By contacting our sales team on 086 111 2868 or at and providing us with a description of the goods. An estimated quote will be supplied by our sales team. This quote is valid for 14 days. SAcamera will only confirm this quote once the goods have been checked according to the evaluation criteria. Once a customer accepts the quote the goods have to be shipped to us by the client to:

· 19A Loop Street, Cape Town, 8001

· Postnet Suite 15, Private Bag X3, Roggebaai, 8012

· Once the goods have been received the condition will be confirmed as per the customer description and the quote confirmed. Should the goods not meet the description that quote will be modified. Should the customer not accept the new quote SAcamera will ship the goods back to the customer at SAcamera’s expense.


· Customers will be paid for goods either by EFT or a SAcamera credit note at the discretion of the customer.

What is the warranty on pre-owned goods?

· All pre-owned goods other than goods that are deemed to have a cosmetic condition of 4(no warranty applies) comes with a minimum of a three month warranty.

· All pre-owned goods are also covered by our five day return policy.

What information is required from customers to facilitate a trade-in?

· The following is required from customers wishing to trade in goods:

· Valid South African Identity Document/Drivers Licence or Passport.

· Customer will also have to provide a valid address and contact number.

· Valid proof of address.