I’m sure that some of you have seen the ‘joke’ videos going around which sarcastically announce how amazing Content-Aware delete is in Photoshop CS5. Needless to say – having had a few giggles at some of the videos I was rather excited to give this oh-so-fantastic feature a try!

Well, let me tell you, I was so shocked! It’s actually brilliant! I liked it so much I spent a good long time hunting through my older photos to try and find stuff I wanted to “content-aware-delete” from the picture…I kept expecting it to suddendly not work!

Of course sometimes, if your image is too busy, the program gets a little confused with the patterns, but mostly it worked like a bomb. I can recommend that for very busy pictures, try and select/delete smaller portions at a time.

Here was the first pictures I tried it out on…

Firstly, open your image in Photoshop CS5 (please note that it ONLY works in Photoshop CS5)

With any of your selection tools, draw a selection around the piece you would like to delete. Try and keep your feather radius a little softer in order to avoid definite visible lines in your deleted portion.

Then simply press the ‘Delete’ button on your keyboard.
A box with pop up asking you about your delete-preferences. From the drop down menu choose Content-Aware and then press OK.
Photoshop will think for a little bit and then BAM! It’s just gone!

Then you can zoom into your picture and clean up the edges with a stamp tool or the healing brush.

This feature saves so much time!






The following examples have not been cleaned up;  only the one step of using content-aware delete has been used – nothing else….