Nikon has been hard at work preparing for the release of their new range of cameras. From super zoom to excellent low light photography Nikon has covered all needs!
Below is a list of the very soon to be released Nikons along with their release date and pricing,

SAcamera has made sure to order plenty stock of these beautiful cameras as we know they will be selling fast!
If you are interested in any of the cameras we suggest you call now to have one set aside!

If you want to read a little more about the camera’s below click here.


Coolpix L23 available in Black, silver, blue, red or Pink R845 24 Feb ‘11


Coolpix S2500 + 4GB SD + Case -available in Black, silver, red or Pink R1269 24 Feb ‘11


Coolpix S3100 -available in Black, silver, red, purple, green, blue or Pink R1523 24 Feb ‘11


Coolpix S4100 -available in Black, silver, red, purple, bronze R1904 24 Feb ‘11


Coolpix S6100 -available in Black, silver, red, violet & pink R2539 17 March ‘11


Coolpix S8100 -available in Black or red R 3118 Jan ‘11


Coolpix S9100 -available in Black, silver or red R3809 17 March ‘11


Coolpix L120 -available in Black or red R3047 24 Feb ‘11


Coolpix P300 R3809 25 March ‘11


Coolpix P500 R4698 3 March ‘11