Here is a fun and funky effect to try with your photos in Photoshop. You could use it on a friends birthday card or maybe a holiday greeting card!

Open you image in Photoshop.

Right click on your background layer in your layers menu and “duplicate layer”

Then click back onto your background layer – press Ctrl+A (select all) and then delete (if you did not have the default white colour as your delete fill then select the paint bucket from your tools menu and fill the whole layer in white)

Now go to your duplicated layer.

Make sure your rulers are visible. (View> Rulers)

Now click on the ruler and drag the mouse pointer down onto your image. A blue line will appear called a Guide Line. Click on the guide line to move it.
(we are going to use a couple of guide lines to break the image up into 6 parts)


Click on the ruler again (the top ruler created horizontal lines and the side ruler creates vertical lines) Split your photograph up equally. Once the guide has appeared on your image you can click on it to adjust the positioning.

Turn on “snap to guide” (View > Snap To > All)

With your selection Marquee (the square one) Select the first segment (don’t worry about being exact – just get as close to your guide lines as possible – the snap to guide will ensure that it snaps to the lines.

The click Layer (at the top of the page) > New > Layer via Cut


Now click back onto your main layer in the layer menu (when you layer via cut Photoshop automatically separates the selected piece into it’s own layer and then jumps to that layer)

Repeat those select and layer via cut steps until each of your separated pieces are on their own layer.

Now click on your background layer (the empty white layer in your layer menu) and we are going to increase your canvas size (Image > Canvas Size then add about 20 to 30% to both the height and width of your canvas size – make the background white)

Now, from your tool menu, select your Move Tool (the little arrow pointer) and Starting on your first cut out piece (by clicking in it’s layer in the layer menu) move it slightly away from the others.

You can also select the piece by clicking Ctrl+A and then transform it (Edit > Free Transform) or Ctrl+T. The use the little curved arrow that appears at the corner of your image when you move the mouse there to rotate the piece slightly.

Don’t move it too much otherwise your picture won’t be recognizable when you are done.

Move each layer in this way.Some can overlap slightly and some can be apart. You can even select Transform > Right click the selection > Perspective (to add some dimension)


Now starting on your first piece again – right click on the layer in the layer menu and select Blending Options.

Drop Shadow (tick the little box and then click on the word to edit how you want your drop shadow to look – how dark your want it (opacity of about 50% worked well) / distance from the subject(around 5 – 10 pixels, could change depending on the starting size of your image) etc)

then click ok – and right click the layer again – select “Copy layer Style” – then go to each layer and say “Paste layer style” (to add the drop shadow to the other layers)


And your are done!
You can merge your image now! (right click the background layer and say Merge Visible)

*Optional Extra*

When you add your drop shadow you can also add a Stroke by ticking the little box that says stroke – then click on the word to edit the effect. Make your stroke full opacity (100%) and solid white. About 5 – 10 pixels wide depending on the size of your image.

(the copy layer style to the other layers)

You can do this effect with a different photo in each layer instead of one cut up image. Just paste or open each image onto it’s own layer and then follow the steps above as you did with your cut up image.