There are, of course, hundreds of ways to add a frame in Photoshop as well as an infinite possibility of different types of frames, but for now I will talk you through one very simple frame and then tell you how to add a title or your name to the frame.

Open your image in Photoshop.

Now select ‘Image’ – ‘Canvas Size’ (or just press Alt + Ctrl + C)

In the little window that opens up you are going to make all the specifications for your simple frame.


Set your size to measure in pixels or cm, it is easier to be accurate this way. The measurements that are in there automatically are the size of your image, length and height. How wide do you want your frame? It depends on the current size of your image and is obviously a personal preference, but I wouldn’t recommend making your frame too big as it will overpower your picture.

You can decide how big you want your frame and then just add the equal amount of pixels to the size of your height and width. (so if you want your frame 40 pixels wide – add +40 to your width and +40 to your height)
The bigger your image the more pixels your frame would need to be…

Selecting the colour of the frame: Click on the drop down box for canvas extension colour. If you want black, white or grey – just select those option. If you want to choose your own colour click on ‘other’ and select the colour from the colour box that opens.

Click ok.

If you find that you made the canvas too big or you don’t like the colour then click ctrl+Z (to undo the last action) this will remove the frame and your can redo your frame adjusting as need be.

This method allows you to add a frame without cutting into your picture.

Adding a title:
Select the Type Tool from your list of tools. Depending on the direction you want the text to move in (horizontal / vertical) you can select that specific option. With the Type Tool selected, click anywhere on your image and holding down the left mouse button, drag open a type box (it doesn’t matter where you do this as you will move it once you have finished typing).

A type box will open with a flashing line waiting for your imput. Before you type, select the colour, style and font of your text in the text control box. Once Selected, click back on your text box and add your title.
Now click your little “move” arrow tool and by clicking on your text you can drag it to wherever you want it to be on your picture. If you feel that you want to make further style adjustments or change the font etc then as long as your text layer is selected you can click on the font style editor at any time and select a new font, it will change.


You can add as many text layers as you like and each text layer can be a different font or colour or style.

When you are ready – select File – Save As – and save your image in the format you want it. If you leave it in PSD ( with the text and image layer separated) you won’t be able to view the image without opening it in Photoshop. Select Save As – JPEG and you will be able to view it on all programs and upload it to the internet to share with your friends.



for this image the canvas size was increased in three stages with a different colour used each time. So a 1cm black frame was added, then a 1cm grey frame and then a .5cm black frame was added again.