In the same way that black and white televisions were around before colour ones, black and white photography was around before colour photography.
It is understandable why no one would choose a black and white TV (are they even made anymore?) over a colour one, yet dispite this, black and white photography still thrives.

Personally I am a lover of black and white photography and after looking at these images it would be no wander why.
If you have never tried black and white photography, it is definitly something to play with.

Here are my ideas for black and white photography:
A cloudy, winter day need not be spent indoors, the sky becomes a canvass of paint splashes and depth when you convert a clouded sky to black and white, making for a very interesting image.
Focus your attention on contrast. The difference between light and dark will be emphasised in black and white.
Play with the light. That is a piece of advice that carries over to colour photography as well. The light is just as much a subject in your photograph as anything else you are capturing.
When you are taking a black and white photograph, the entire image is about composition and the outcome is not distracted by colour. Choose your shots carefully. 
Find your inspiration in these amazing images.