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Archive for Tech Talk

January 2014

  • The New Year Brings New and Exciting Photography Equipment
  • The new-year welcomes not only a fresh outlook on life and passion, but new tools to ensure that creative practices can be experimented with to reach new levels. 2014 sees a range of new digital cameras and camera equipment on the market, and we’re going to have a look at some of the most exciting [...]

December 2013

  • Notable Terminologies for Budding Photographers
  • Exposure Exposure is described as the amount of light that gets recorded on the camera’s sensor. This determines how much light will appear on photographs and the quality of images. The key is to balance shutter speed, ISO and aperture to get the correct exposure and ensure great photographs. Shutter speed Shutter speed is the [...]

September 2013

  • The Mobile photography Boom-Boom-Zoom
  • Mobile photography – what is this vague term used to describe a booming photography trend; is photography not always mobile?  So many questions, but the answer is actually quite simple; it’s taking a photograph with a camera phone.Thanks to industry leaders like Samsung, Apple, HTC, Nokia and the like, anyone with a high-res camera phone [...]

August 2012

  • The Sony A77 pushing the limits
  • Riaan Roux, Professional Photographer, talks about his new Sony A77 and how it performed at this weekends wedding! I was stunned by the A77 this weekend where I used it as primary camera at a wedding on Saturday. The A77 was used as primary body mounted with the 28-75mm f/2.8 lens.  The A55 was used [...]

June 2012

  • Nikon Releases TWO New Lenses!
  • Nikon launches new lens: AF-S NIKKOR 24–85mm f/3.5–4.5G ED VR Johannesburg, South Africa, 14 June 2012 – Nikon in South Africa today announces a new FX-format zoom lens with broad 24-85mm focal range, compact build and Vibration Reduction. With a versatile reach from wide-angle up to telephoto and a lightweight body, it’s a smart choice [...]

April 2012

  • For all you Sony users out there you will be happy to know that Sony has just released a new firmware update that will give you a much better user experience. Links: Sony A77:  CLICK HERE Sony A65:  CLICK HERE SUMMARY of the Update Adding an automatic lens correction support. (6) • SAL24F20Z, SAL85F14Z, SAL135F18Z, [...]

October 2010

  • New Trends in Photography and Video | the post-Photokina review
  • 3D 2010 marks the beginning of a paradigm shift in imaging technology as the whisperings of 3D  that have been made over the last few years translate into a full system of products that are available for the first time to consumers. While the beginning of this year marked the first wide-scale marketing of 3D [...]

April 2010

  • What Goes On Inside Your Camera?
  • We have been discussing a few technical topics on the blog in the last few articles, with pixels and how the sensor works and before I let your brains relax I want to show you what the inside of your camera looks like and how it works. So those are the bits that make up [...]

  • Photography Abbreviations
  • Here is a list of every single photography related abbreviation that I could think of. If I have left anything off feel free to let me know. This should help you understand any terminology when using or shopping for your camera equipment.       A ~ DEP ~ Automatic Depth of Field AE ~ [...]

  • How Does Your Camera Sensor Work?
  • Understanding how the innards of your camera function can help you understand how or why your photo is coming out under or overexposed on any given day. You sensor is the most important part of your camera…yes I know – the sensor would be nothing without the rest of the team – but your sensor [...]

  • Megapixels | Simplified
  • You find yourself in the midst of choosing a new camera and you are being bombarded with information about all sorts of features and accessories for the various cameras. How many buyers decide on their ‘choice-camera’ is by the amount of megapixels it has. (or MP for short) While this is by far not the [...]

February 2010

  • Turn Down the Noise in your Photography
  • In this article we want to share with you what we know about Noise, the dreaded splatter on an otherwise beautiful image. We believe that the most efficient way to reduce noise in your photography is to first understand it. I believe the famous quote is ‘know your enemy’. What is Noise? Noise is to [...]

November 2009

  • TECHTALK: Popular Telescope Design Types Compared
  • The Refractor Design Refractors are what the average person identifies with the word “telescope”, a long, thin tube where light passes in a straight line from the front objective lens directly to the eyepiece at the opposite end of the tube. Heavier, longer and bulkier than equivalent aperture Newtonian designs and catadioptrics such as the [...]

October 2009

  • A Crash Course | Making Friends With Your Camera
  • We, at SACamera, have put together what we think is the most basic way of explaining the most important camera settings to get your snapping happy. This very basic mini-lesson is aimed at beginners. If you know very little (or nothing at all) about cameras – take some time to read through this and by [...]

July 2009

  • TECHTALK: Four Thirds Explained – a DSLR format revolution
  • Four Thirds is a system pioneered by Olympus and Kodak and designed exclusively for digital SLR cameras. It exists as an open standard and is supported by a consortium of manufacturers including: Olympus, Sigma, Panasonic, Leica, Sanyo and Fujifilm. The Four Thirds Standard Defined As a mechanical standard, Four Thirds uses a sensor size roughly [...]

  • TECHTALK: The Zone System – what it is and how to use it
  • The zone system was first developed in the early 1940’s by Ansel Adams, a reknown landscape photographer. The zone system is a method for determining optimal exposure by visualizing the final result of the photograph and then placing your exposure to achieve it. The zone system starts at pure black and then increases exposure by [...]

  • How to Check Lens Sharpness – “the simple way”
  • Lens Reviews often provide the most accurate and comparable idea of how sharp lenses are since they tend to provide standardised data on lens characteristics. Specific distortion percentages, measurements on the exact EV loss due to vignetting and sharpness ‘blur’ units make it easy to get an idea of how the lens is likely to perform and how it compares to other lenses.

  • Autofocus Points And How It All Works
  • Autofocus sensors work by measuring the difference in contrast across the sensor. A sharp point of focus will have a strong edge contrast, with the edge weakening as it becomes more blurry. This is the principle on which the autofocus processor determines that maximum sharpness has been reached.

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