The 600D & 1100D are soon to hit the shelves!

I’ll start off by letting you know that at SAcamera we plan to order massive amounts of both the 600D and the 1100D to ensure that no one has to wait for backorders!


Starting with the Canon 600D

The main differences between the previously released 550D and the new to hit the shelves 600D is immediately apparent when you see the new tilt and swivel LCD on the 600D. The 600D is a little bit heavier, only about 40grams though so nothing to worry about when carrying the camera around.

Other changes include additional features such as the Basic+ creative controls in the scene mode as well Scene intelligence auto mode.
After taking your photos, in playback mode, you have a series of creative filters that you can add to your images in camera.

A brilliant inclusion in the 600d is the integrated wireless flash control which can support multiple external flashes! A brilliant addition for broadening your external lighting options.

The 600D has a Video Snapshot mode, the Auto Lighting Optimizer can now be adjusted in four levels and you can rate your images (1 – 5 stars) according to your personal taste.

The 600D will be selling with the 18-55mm IS II EF-S F3.6 – 6.6 kit lens.


The 1100D

The Canon 1100D boasts a 12 MP CMOS sensor, similar to that found on the 450D, 9 point autofocus system, Digic 4 processor and a 63 area iFCL shared with the Canon 7D.

Compared to the closely related 1000D – the 1100D is bigger in build with a smoother finish and a larger LCD (2.7 inch). The larger build makes holding the camera much more comfortable.

The controls are slightly different with easier access to your Quick Controls (a Q button on the body of the camera).

The 1100D comes with movie recording at 30 frames per second and an ISO of 100 – 6400.

I rather like the fact that the Flash button has been moved to just behind the shutter button – making it easy and fast to access without needing to involve your other hand.

For someone starting out in photography this is a brilliant investment.

These two new models are expected to arrive around April / May 2011 ! We’ll keep you posted.