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Archive:  September, 2010

Home studio in a Flash!

September 29th, In Pro Hints & Tips, by , 3 Comments

Taking great photos of your family and friends is a really easy project and you can get a professional look in your own home without spending a fortune on studio equipment (in fact you might not have to spend anything at all!) Let’s say that your kids are growing up too fast or you grandchildren [...]

When Correct Exposure is Wrong

September 22nd, In Pro Hints & Tips, by , 2 Comments

Of course there really is no right and wrong when it comes to your own taste in photography, but it is nice to have a full understanding of the different styles that a change in your exposure setting can create so that when you make your choice of preferred settings you are doing so with [...]

International Air Show | Photo Opportunity in CAPE TOWN

September 16th, In News, by , Comment

If you have a love for great flying machines then this is the ideal photo opportunity for you. On the 24th and 25th of September you can visit the International Air Show hosted by Africa Aerospace & Defence in Ysterplaat (along West Coast road) AFB Ysterplaat. The gates open at 6am and ticket prices are as [...]

Photography | Interesting Information

September 15th, In News, by , Comment

This image of Winston Churchhill, taken in 1941,  is said to be one of the most reproduced photographic portraits of all time having appeared on the cover of well known Life Magazine. The photo was taken by Canadian photographer Yousuf Karsh and accredited him with international fame.  By Yousuf Karsh             Personally [...]

William Eggleston | Father of Colour Photography

September 14th, In News, by , Comment

Easily placed as the Father of Colour Photography, William Eggleston was born on the 27th of July 1939, raised in Sumner, Mississippi with an engineer father and a mother who was the daughter of a judge. William lived his life as an American Photographer.   He is most well known as being responsible for giving [...]

Photoshop Fun | Through a Brick Wall

September 9th, In Pro Hints & Tips, by , Comment

This is a great tutorial to play around with and teaches you a lot about layers. If you are nervous about using layers in Photoshop then this tutorial should get you around that. You will need four pictures. 1. A photo of a brick wall (any plain brick wall will do) 2. a head shot [...]

Battle of the Bands | Photographing Concerts

September 7th, In Pro Hints & Tips, by , 5 Comments

I have a number of friends in an assortment of various bands who often play live in clubs and bars with interesting lighting and smokey effects wafting around and every time I watch them play I stand there thinking that I wish I had brought my camera! So eventually, not able to resist a moment [...]

Emily Allchurch | the MC Escher of Photography

September 3rd, In News, by , Comment

Emily’s style is captivating and incredibly detailed. She will spend a day roaming through and photographing an area and then return home to merge all of the key photos into one incredible & breathe taking image. In 1996 she was trained as a sculpture at the Kent institute of Art and Design & graduated from [...]

Touch Screen Computer | Sony J Series VAIO

September 3rd, In News, by , Comment

It seems that designs are getting closer and closer to science fiction movies. The future sees every office & home with a bottle of screen cleaner within reach as Sony has just launched their VAIO J Series intuitive computer with a full HD display that operates via touch! In short; a gorgeously designed touch screen [...]

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