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Archive:  July, 2010

Photoshop | Adding Spotlights and Lighting

July 15th, In Pro Hints & Tips, by , Comment

Not all of us have access to an off camera flash in order to create some dramatic lighting effects in our images, but luckily for those of us who want to try out special lighting on our photos Photoshop comes to the rescue and we are able to carefully manipulate and place a lighting source [...]

LEXAR | Professional

July 13th, In Reviews, by , Comment

UDMA You will notice that some of Lexars CF (compact flash) cards are adorned with the letters UDMA. UDMA stands for Ultra Direct Memory Access and these four letters are a highlight for users looking for high performance in CF cards. UDMA refers to a new process of moving data from the card onto your [...]

Angles, Texture & Shape | Photography

July 9th, In Pro Hints & Tips, by , Comment

Abstract photography focuses on the photographer being able aware of angles, colours, shapes and textures in the scenes that they are photographing. These abstract subjects could be in the most obvious places sometimes and other times we have to go hunting for them. Careful zooming and tactfully angling your camera can render an everyday object [...]

CLAY ENOS | Inspiration in Photography

July 7th, In News, by , Comment

Clay Enos is an American Photographer with a broad spectrum of genres. He has a mobile Streetstudio which he sets up in the street and takes photographs of passers by. He has traveled London, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Black Rock City and Bangkok to mention a few – always with his camera as his trusted travel [...]

Photoshop Liquify | better than diamonds!

July 5th, In Pro Hints & Tips, by , Comment

You are going to love this one! It’s the perfect Photoshop tool for when the camera caught you at a bad angle and you just couldn’t possible share that photo with anyone…in fact….all of those glamour models in the fashion magazines that line the shelves of our shops – if you think they really have [...]

Correct Exposure | an endless conversation

July 2nd, In Pro Hints & Tips, by , 1 Comment

Sometimes trying to achieve the best exposure in your photography can drive you mental while you fight with the various settings wandering what should be where.   In this article I want to give you a very basic understanding of how you can achieve the correct exposure in your pictures.   There are two key elements [...]


July 1st, In News, by , 4 Comments

The largest image in the world was taken on the 23rd of April 2010. It took the photographer, Gerald Donovan, and his Canon 7D a total of three and a half hours, in 37degree heat, to take 4,250 images which were merged into on photograph with a total size of 45 GIGApixels…that’s (hold on let [...]

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