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Archive:  May, 2010

Composition | THE RULE OF THIRDS

May 28th, In Pro Hints & Tips, by , 3 Comments

The Rule of Thirds is to photography what The Golden Ratio is to life. How you compose and structure your subject and details within your frame will make or break your photograph ______________________________________________ Attending photography school or classes, you would find that one of the first things you are taught is The Rule of Thirds. [...]

Tips for Food Photography

May 25th, In Pro Hints & Tips, by , 1 Comment

To anyone but a food photographer, it might seem really odd to whip out your camera and start snapping away at your dinner before you eat it… but there are many reasons why you would want to take photos of a patiently created dish. Perhaps you are making a scrap book of all your recipes? Or [...]

Long Exposure | Painting with Light

May 21st, In Pro Hints & Tips, by , Comment

Long exposure happens to be one of my favorite forms of creative photography. Of course I believe that all photography is creative, but long exposure gives you that extra sense of expression. Instead of aiming for the ‘perfect setting’ and the ‘perfect shot’ you are now free to create that shot the same way a [...]

Creating HDR Images | Entry Level DSLRs and Advanced Digi Cams

May 18th, In Pro Hints & Tips, by , Comment

Yip, it’s true! I was really excited when I came across the instructions (you see it really does pay to read your cameras manual) on how to take a series of shots which can be turned into a High Dynamic Range image. What is a High Dynamic Range image? In wikipedia words: “techniques that allow [...]

Resize your images for emailing/sharing on the web

May 12th, In Pro Hints & Tips, by , Comment

(USING MICROSOFT OFFICE PICTURE MANAGER) We know that size really does count when you are trying to upload one of your photographs to a website or you are trying to email it to a friend but it is way to big and it’s just sitting in your outbox while your computer tries hard not to [...]

THE CANON SX20 IS | Advanced Digital Camera

May 11th, In Reviews, by , 1 Comment

This camera was designed around its very well labeled Super-Zoom description. The SX20 boasts a 20 X zoom ability that is similar to the focal length of a 28mm – 560mm DSLR lens. This is ideal for shooting the soccer players on the field below you when you are shooting from all the way at [...]

Photography at Soccer Games | rules of the stadium

May 11th, In Pro Hints & Tips, by , 1 Comment

Naturally, with your enthusiastic photography hobby or professional career, you are envisioning yourself taking high action, well composed, crisp, bright pictures that not only capture the moment but also the atmosphere in the stadium and the incredible feeling that you have at the moment of taking the photograph. You want to be able to look [...]

Gearing up for the World Cup Soccer

May 11th, In Pro Hints & Tips, by , Comment

Your heart beats a little faster and a wave of butterflies hit your stomach every time you look your ticket. The ticket, like a golden invite, says that in a few short weeks, on a very particular day, you are going to find yourself sitting in one of the glorious stadiums, about to experience an [...]

Great Tips for Digital Sports Photography | preparation for 2010

May 11th, In Pro Hints & Tips, by , 2 Comments

With the FIFA soccer games of 2010 just around the corner, it makes sense to start preparing yourself now. If you plan to be going home with a camera load of glorious pictures after the event, then best take note of these tips that will help you achieve soccer photos that are above the norm! [...]

Best DSLR Professional Award for Nikon | 3rd year in a row

May 10th, In News, by , Comment

Nikon has wowed us again and claimed, for the third year in a row, the Best DSLR Professional award for their Nikon D3 series camera! The full story directly from Nikon; Johannesburg, South Africa, April 2010 – For the third year in a row, Nikon has claimed the DSLR top spot in the TIPA (Technical [...]

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