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Archive:  April, 2010

Frame an Image & Add a Title in Photoshop

April 30th, In Pro Hints & Tips, by , 1 Comment

There are, of course, hundreds of ways to add a frame in Photoshop as well as an infinite possibility of different types of frames, but for now I will talk you through one very simple frame and then tell you how to add a title or your name to the frame. Open your image in [...]

What Goes On Inside Your Camera?

April 28th, In Tech Talk, by , Comment

We have been discussing a few technical topics on the blog in the last few articles, with pixels and how the sensor works and before I let your brains relax I want to show you what the inside of your camera looks like and how it works. So those are the bits that make up [...]

Photography Abbreviations

April 23rd, In Tech Talk, by , Comment

Here is a list of every single photography related abbreviation that I could think of. If I have left anything off feel free to let me know. This should help you understand any terminology when using or shopping for your camera equipment.       A ~ DEP ~ Automatic Depth of Field AE ~ [...]

How Does Your Camera Sensor Work?

April 22nd, In Tech Talk, by , 3 Comments

Understanding how the innards of your camera function can help you understand how or why your photo is coming out under or overexposed on any given day. You sensor is the most important part of your camera…yes I know – the sensor would be nothing without the rest of the team – but your sensor [...]

Photoshop Lesson 10 | Curves

April 20th, In Pro Hints & Tips, by , 3 Comments

You have learnt in a previous lesson how to adjust your brightness and contrast settings and sometimes you aren’t sure if maybe you are overdoing or underdoing the effect. This is where something like Curves can assist you in achieving a more natural and controlled adjustment. Open you image in Photoshop and underneath your layers [...]

Megapixels | Simplified

April 19th, In Tech Talk, by , Comment

You find yourself in the midst of choosing a new camera and you are being bombarded with information about all sorts of features and accessories for the various cameras. How many buyers decide on their ‘choice-camera’ is by the amount of megapixels it has. (or MP for short) While this is by far not the [...]

Photoshop Lesson 8 | Toning Your Image

April 14th, In Pro Hints & Tips, by , Comment

Photoshop Lesson 8 | Toning an Image Whether you are starting with a colour image or a black and white image you can change the tone of your image really easily. You can change a photo from black and white to black and sepia (or pink or green or blue etc) you can even go [...]

Ten Tips for Portrait Photography

April 8th, In Pro Hints & Tips, by , Comment

1) You need your subject to be relaxed. This means that you need to be relaxed. If you are confident and calm – then your subject will pick up on that and mimic your emotions. 2) Get Closer to your subject. The photo is all about them after all – don’t be shy if they [...]

Photoshop Lesson 7 | Saving an Overexposed or Underexposed Photograph

April 7th, In Pro Hints & Tips, by , 4 Comments

So you have taken a stunning photograph in scenery you are not likely to catch again, but when you get home see the photo on your computer screen – disappointment sets in as you realize that it is overexposed. Can you save it? Actually yes. If the damage is not too great you can make [...]

Capture in RAW files of JPEG files?

April 6th, In Pro Hints & Tips, by , Comment

I am sure that we all know the basic plus of shooting in RAW and the JPEG files respectively, but is that all there is to it? Just incase you aren’t familiar with the terms: RAW and JPEG are two different file types and therefore most DSLR cameras come with the option of either shooting [...]

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