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Archive:  November, 2009

The Sony XR100

November 30th, In Reviews, by , Comment

Weighing in at only 410 grams with the battery, this little camcorder records incredible 1920 x 1080 high definition video and takes vivid, clear and crisp 4 meg still images. The Sony XR100 has an internal memory space of 80 gigs (hard drive, not flash memory). This allows you to store around 32 hours of [...]

Sony HDR XR500 & Sony HDR XR520

November 28th, In Reviews, by , Comment

These High Definition camcorders are packed with helpful and useful features like Smile Shutter, Face Detection, Built in GPS, Optical Stabilisation and the ability to capture images at 12 megapixels. The difference between the two camcorders is the HDD capacity. The XR520 has 240 gigs and the XR500 has 120 gigs. The XR500 and the [...]

Sony HDR-CX500 & Sony HDRCX520

November 28th, In Reviews, by , Comment

Launched simultaneously, the CX500 and CX520 are two of Sony’s newer high definition cameras. The Sony CX500 and CX520 are both flash memory camcorders which offer 32 gigs (CX500) and 64 gigs (CX520) of internal memory. Both of these camcorders feature a 1/2.8 inch CMOS sensor with a total count of 6 megapixels. Sony has [...]

Press Release: ‘Local online store hosts in SA’

November 24th, In News, by , Comment

We recently issued a press release detailing the news that SAcamera is now hosted in South Africa. Read the full text below: SAcamera, www.sacamera.co.za, recently voted South Africa’s best photographic store in the Jump Shopping Awards, has just switched from hosting in the US to hosting in South Africa. Founders Jesse Hemson-Struthers and Luke Kelly [...]

SONY HVR Z5E Camcorder

November 23rd, In Reviews, by , Comment

Introducing the Sony HVR-Z5E Camcorder. This amazing device has an incredible feature that attracts many filmers to it; the type 3 ClearVid CMOS Sensor system, making use of EXMOR technology, delivers high performance filming even when the lighting conditions are difficult. This camera’s low-light sensitivity makes it a great camcorder for recording indoors and still [...]

Sony DSC-WX1 | sneeking a lot into something so small

November 20th, In Reviews, by , Comment

For a digital compact camera to boast great low light photography without making use of the flash sounds very intriguing, so of course I was very happy to be given a chance to play with the Sony DSC-WX1. The low light photography is made possible by three of Sony’s own creations: A quality lens, a [...]

Elinchrom BXRi 250/500 | Flash Kit

November 17th, In Reviews, by , Comment

The Elinchrom BXRi 250/500 kit was built to represent a certain concept which reflects well in its making.The Elinchrom BXRi 250/500 kit is great for both home and professional use and is ideal specifically for Portraiture. Each of the flash units has a wireless trigger and the EL-Skyport is a wireless synchronization unit that allows [...]

The Celestron Nexstar 114SLT Review

November 3rd, In Reviews, by , Comment

Within the Celestron SLT range of computerised telescopes, the 114 comes across as a first glimpse into something with real astronomical use. Price positioned between the 80 SLT and 102 SLT refractors, 114 SLT’s price point is indicative of just how much more cost-efficient the newtonian design of the 114L SLT is over the 80 [...]

TECHTALK: Popular Telescope Design Types Compared

November 3rd, In Tech Talk, by , Comment

The Refractor Design Refractors are what the average person identifies with the word “telescope”, a long, thin tube where light passes in a straight line from the front objective lens directly to the eyepiece at the opposite end of the tube. Heavier, longer and bulkier than equivalent aperture Newtonian designs and catadioptrics such as the [...]

PRO HINTS AND TIPS: Beginner Tips on Using Your Telescope

In this article we’ll be covering beginners tips on using your telescope including planning, researching, preserving your night vision, finding your object and clearing optics. With these simple tips, you’ll be on your way to enjoying and improving your telescoping experience. Planning Set your telescope up on nights that have no to low wind or [...]

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